March 29, 2012

Military Life - The Positives

Let's pretend you knew someone that was getting ready to join the Military. While they would most likely be excited about it, you know it's also scary at the same time. Think about how you felt when your husband joined (if you were married beforehand) or when you first got involved with a soldier.

While it's natural to have some reservations, there are a lot of pretty awesome aspects of the Military, right? I know there are those out there who could spend a day complaining about everything. This post isn't for you to comment on if you feel that way. My goal is to encourage!

I'll start briefly.. or I'll try to be brief at least :)
- You are part of something bigger than yourself. Your spouse is a U.S. Soldier. He/She is in the 1% of the country who volunteered to protect their country. THAT is something to be proud of. And YOU, as a spouse, are a part of that as well.
- Patriotism. I can't hear the National Anthem without welling up in tears now.
- A man in uniform is HOT. Enough said.
- You see parts of the country you wouldn't have otherwise.
- You become a different - better - person. More independent and the relationship you have with your spouse strengthens times a million.
- You'll make some amazing friendships with people you would have never met. The bond is something you can't understand unless you're in this situation. It's incredible.

I think that's a good start.

So, chime in! What are some of your favorite things about being a part of the military? Even if you repeat some I've listed. I want to hear it....


Charla Welch said...

I'm getting spoiled rotten by not having to work! I never thought I would be content without a job, but I am quite content now, and feel that a job would get in the way. While we're here anyway, I would be hard pressed to work more than part time.

Brittany Jaccaud said...

You get to be immersed in cultures you never even thought about... Like Korean!

Always get a pay check on the 1st and the 15th!

The love and support your entire family gets from random strangers!

Mary said...

Yes to all here, including the comments. My husband is retired military, our son is in the A.F., and our other son is thinking about the military. It is a way of life. I'll always miss it. Civilian life is very bland in comparison, and although we have adjusted well, it's not the same.

Mel said...

I think you hit all the big ones.

Great list! :)

Janna B. said...

That's a great list! Being a military wive has it's pros and cons but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love being able to stay home with my kids while going to college. Here's a few things that I love about living the military life:

- In the six years that my husband has been in the Army, I have met some amazing women that I'll never forget! The camaraderie that you'll find in the military between the spouses is like no other.

- You'll become patriotic even if you weren't ever before.

- You'll find yourself tearing up at the touching poems wives post when their husband's are deployed and praying that they come home safe.

- When you are new on post (which will happen numerous times), you won't be new for long. There are wives who will befriend you in a minute and help out whenever they can.

- The support that the soldiers and their families get from the community, definitely helps during the rough times. When I had a WWII vet thank not only my husband for his service but for mine as well, it made me tear up. It was great to know that the family behind the soldier wasn't forgotten.

Jen said...

This list is spot on! I am thankful that my husband being in the military has given me the opportunity to stay home. I have worked most of my adult life and this has been an amazing break. I am so thankful for everything about this wonderful, crazy, non stop life. :)

Amber said...

Your list is most of my reasons (especially a man in uniform. *swoon*)
But I'm a fan of food. Trying new foods, going to new restaurants, and just enjoying it.
Now, I know that makes me sound like a fatass, but going out to eat has always been a treat for me. So, new places = new treats!

Ashley Gaetano said...

I love all of these reasons...but the only reason I stuck around was the uniform. JK!! (kind of ;} )

I think the biggest perk for me is the independence I've gained. And that is one of the things that terrified me the most...fear of having to be independent. I had never lived outside of Georgia, and probably never would have (LOVE Georgia and my hometown, but I'm not sure what I would have done had I stayed there). I was so scared that Josh would be gone all the time and I wouldn't know what to do...but I learned what to do, and now I just do it!! (if Nike wants to pay me for that endorsement, they're more than welcome to contact me) It's surprising what I'm capable of. And so empowering! I'm definitely not complaining about having the hubby around, but I know that I can survive by myself when necessary :} And like some other ladies have mentioned, I'm never really "by myself." There is a strong, independent woman who has had more experience and is always willing to give advice or lend a friendly ear around every corner (literally and figuratively!).

It's a crazy, challenging, rewarding life(style), and it's been awesome so far :}