July 17, 2011

WW Monday

But really it's Sunday. I'm early.

I've been a failure at all things Weight Watchers lately! Not only have I not kept up with the Monday Link-ups (which, if you've been reading for any amount of time, shouldn't surprise you), but I haven't been keeping up with the diet period. At all. And honestly haven't been since we moved.. what a month ago?

In this past month, I can't tell you how many times I said, "I'll start counting points again on Saturday". Saturday would come around and we'd have a cookout. Who wants to count points during a cookout? Not this girl. "I'll just wait until Monday". Monday rolls around and it doesn't happen again, but for no good reason. Saturday. Monday.. blah blah blah. Too many careless girls nights and too many cookouts. Not enough cooking going on in the casa, too much going out to eat and ordering takeout (which clearly isn't good for the weight loss... and never mind the budget!).

Tomorrow this all changes back to point counting and healthier options! Why the conviction now, you ask? How am I so sure I'll magically and faithfully be tracking points tomorrow? I saw a picture of myself today. Standing next to my two wonderful, gorgeous, in shape friends, not only did I look like a midget, but I wasn't at all happy with the state my body was in. Honestly, I thought I looked better than that (I have a very healthy self-image, which sometimes fails me). I reminded myself of an oompa loompa. (no clue how to spell that).

That's what it's always taken for me to get back on track though. A little slap in the face. A slight nudge.
I don't remember when I started this journey, but whenever it was, I've lost 12.6 pounds since then. Which is great. Four pounds of it is due to the bug from last week, but that's neither here nor there.

I've been doing good with our morning walks, but will do better.
More fruit. Less crap. More veggies. Less laziness. More determination and self-discipline.

Back to weekly weigh-ins to share with you all. Lucky ducks. I'm not going to start the link-ups back up again. There just wasn't enough participation for me to make sure I have the post done in time. I do still love to read your weight loss posts though, so let me know how you're doing!


Cam and Kristy said...

Woo-hoo! Back on the bandwagon and providing me with motivation! I've done really well in the past nine weeks (15.6 lbs!), but I'm finding it harder and hard to stay on track and eat healthily (is that even a word) when Cam's gone to the field. Guess I better buck up because I have 3 more weeks ... followed by 2 more months. I WILL BE SKINNIER before HI! /end ramble :{

Sue Brandon said...

First of all, both my girls...that means JESSICA AND KRISTY....you are both perfect the way your are. And Jess...don't make me come over there and bop you. You are NOT an oompa loompa...again...not sure if that's how you spell it. You are gorgeous!! As far as getting back to it...been there...done that. And I DO understand seeing a picture of yourself. There's a pic of me at a RE/MAX event that all I could think of was...why didn't someone tell me how bad I looked. The thing is...you move forward...you start again...and you DON'T beat yourselves (BOTH OF YOU) up about it. I have to tell you...I have NO idea how I would have done it with kids at home. And not having hubbies around all the time.... cannot even imagine it!! You rock!! BOTH of you and I adore you!! Keep it up...we'll all get where we want!!!

C. E. Welch said...

I'm the opposite of Kristy. I did best when J was away. It was easier for me to stick with the healthy eating when I only had to feed myself. Of course, I've discovered many new foods and recipes since then.

My week in Maryland will be very hard on me. I plan to eat tons of seafood, and not just the fried stuff. But I am drawn towards those delicious creamy sauces which pack on the calories and fat. And Misty's whole family will be there, so we might be sneaking off for a quick drink, which adds up. I do plan to run while I'm there, though.

You can do it, girl. You're looking great (always have) and I know you can keep it up!

JG said...

Oh hon, you are BEAUTIFUL. Of course, it's important to take care of yourself and be healthy, but if you are waiting for X day until you are happy with yourself, it will never come. I promise. Forget what's behind, look forward and keep going. But never, never let me hear you say you are anything less than beautiful again, because it's wrong to lie. You can reach your goals, I know you can. Stay strong and - above all - be happy.

Becca said...

A) I believe you did spell oompa loompa correctly! (I'll check with Wonka)

B) You do NOT look like one! That would require you eating more carrots and turning orangish, like Drew...kidding. I detect no orange tint in him...he's tan! Also acquiring a set of green and white striped overalls and a new hairdo ;)

C) You can definitely do this. If you want some "no crappy food" accountability, call me up...I need to eliminate that as well! I keep trying to trick my brain that dried fruit tastes just like candy...and that yogurt is the new ice cream. I'll let you know when I succeedat that...haha! You're going to do great!

Mel said...

First of all, you are gorgeous! Don't make me kick your butt.

Second, how in-shape you are is totally relative. You should never compare yourself to anyone except yourself. Compare it only to yourself at your healthiest.

Finally, I'd love to try out a class at Soto this week if your interested. Perhaps a day when you can bring Drew to CDC. Let me know!

Mallory said...

I think summer does that to us. I have been off track for about 3 or 4 weeks. I am getting back to it though.

Good luck with buckling down again. If we aren't doing the link ups, then I think I will start doing my WW posts on Thursdays since those are my meeting and weigh-in days.

Annie said...

Wow, that is awesome you've already lost that much! Congrats girlie!