July 27, 2011

Is it Fall yet??

I'm over this whole summer thing. More and more... I'm deciding I'm NOT a summer girl. Yes, cookouts are great, but it's more fun to grill out in the fall when you don't have to risk getting a second degree burn to stand out there and grill a burger. I've never been a fan of it staying light later anyways. It being light isn't going to ensure I stay outside longer. It's hot and I have a baby that goes to sleep at 7pm for the night. I'd rather the sun start to go down earlier so we can get an evening walk in before he goes to bed. Plus, there is something cozy about it being dark with all the family home together, eating dinner, watching TV, snuggling on the couch with a good book, etc.

So... let's chat a bit about why the fall season (and even winter) is like heaven to me, shall we?

1) Football
Ahhhh football season. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. I've had the love of the sport instilled in me for as long as I can remember. I love everything about it. Putting hope into something you can't control. There's something exciting about that. The passion for your team and the (most of the time) friendly banter said passion creates between friends. Game day gear. Game day food. Seriously, my husband and I live for college football Saturdays (and whenever I can watch a Patriots game here in Cowboy land.. ecchh). We wake up bright and early to catch Gameday (LOVE to see where they are at, the rivalry between the fans, and see whatever small town famous restaurant they choose to highlight) and we are glued to the games all.day.long.We will watch any SEC game we can... and anyone else who may show some promise of making it a good game, but whole-heartedly route for SEC! It makes the day even better if we can get together with another couple who loves the sport as much as we do (Hi Jaci). COME ON football season... you're right around the corner!

2) Weather
After a full spring/summer of temperatures that reach over 100 on most days, I can't stress enough how much I'm looking forward to cooler air. I know, I know, I live in the desert and it doesn't get cold by any means. But with no humidity... the 70s and even 80s are perfect for me! My body has acclimated and when it gets too low into the 70s I may need an extra layer.. just sayin'. I can already picture the windows open and catching a cool breeze every now and then. We'll be able to walk more because we don't have to start our walk by 6:30am at the latest. We can walk whenever the mood strikes. Being outside more in general makes me a happy camper.

3) Holidays
All my favorite holidays packed into a few short months! Andrew's birthday, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Perfection! I become a child during all of these holidays. It means playing make believe, time spent with family (or in our case our Army family), decorations, and food. I'm so excited to see these things through Andrew's eyes. To see him dressed up for Halloween. To hear what his heart is thankful for. To teach him the real meaning of Christmas and show him all of the classic Christmas movies I grew up watching. I think it's going to be pretty magical. Of course, along with all of these holidays comes lots of 4-days for my husband. More family time = a happy Jessica.

4) Decorations
I LOVE fall decor. Going to Hobby Lobby and seeing it all front and center yesterday may have given me heart palpitations. I make great use of the strands of colored leaves because I don't see that outside anymore. The pumpkins, scarecrows, signs declaring how thankful we are... I can't get enough. I love earthy tones anyways, so bringing all of these things out makes my home feel nice and cozy. Light a pumpkin pie or harvest leaves candle and I'm good to go :)

5) Clothing
Speaking of being cozy and comfortable. The perfect pair of jeans? A cute, ruffly tank with a warm cardigan? Yes please! I think this year I will live in cardigans and tunics. Time to do a little shopping very soon. My body has changed over the past year (for better or worse) and the closet needs some work. Any suggestions on where to stock up on some of these items without breaking the bank would be wonderful!

6) Did I mention football?


JG said...

Yes, yes, and yes. I am definitely a fall girl for all the same reasons! :)

JG said...

BTW, always be on the lookout for NY&Co sales. They have fantastic sales and I think their fall line is the best.

Erin said...

I am so with you!!! Bring on fall!

Jen said...

I am ready for fall as well!!! This heat and humidity is just too much!

Mel said...

I love fall weather! Wearing a couple light layers and a pair of boots is sheer heaven. Oh, and that other stuff you said is good too. :oP

Cam and Kristy said...

C'mon! We all know you watch GameDay every Saturday so that you can spot the WSU Cougar flag each week! That's why we watch! :P GOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOUGS!

Julie said...

Fall is my favorite! I can't wait!

This American Wife said...

I wrote a blog post about this yesterday and its scheduled to post tomorrow! Ha! I am totally with you, on all counts!

Shayla said...

Agreed! Summer was so my favorite, but now I am a fall gal too :)

Tori said...

Did you see my FB status about football the other day? And of course, since I'm dating a Southerner now (!!) he had to tell me how the NFL doesn't matter and SEC's where it's at! Ya Southerners are crazy!!