July 11, 2011


Ahhh.. the dreaded field.

Why is it that as soon as our spouses leave us for any amount of time, Murphy has to stick his Law into our business?? We're all cursed, I tell you!

I won't go into much gory detail, but no more than an hour after my husband left over the weekend, I was I-L-L. Bad. I  have a baby to take care of, wth am I going to do-bad. After a few dear friends came to my rescue and an ER doc prevented me from dying.. I'm pretty sure I had food poisoning. This was no regular ol' bug. Yuck-O.

I'm on the mend, but keep thinking I am better off then I really am.. that takes a lot out of you! I thought I was fully better today, but turns out I pushed myself a little too far. In no form or fashion am I back to where I was on that horrid Saturday morning, but it'll be another early night tonight. I'm flat exhausted. And still can't eat very much. On the positive side, I lost 4 pounds in a day. Take that Weight Watchers!

And ya know.. as bad as we think we have it.. I feel bad for those boys of ours out there. I know, I know, they signed up for the job, but it's gotta be rough and I know I wouldn't last 5 minutes out there. Trey was able to call me for just a few minutes today and he sounded like he had been run over by a Mack truck. Poor thing. He couldn't go into much detail at the moment, but the little detail he did give me was enough. Walking around the dessert in all that gear in 100+ degree weather, eating crap for food and sleeping under the stars. Plus it stormed there yesterday, which he did say actually felt good. I'm sure! They are going out to do some kind of mission in the middle of the night tonight, so I'm sure tomorrow will be an even better day ;) We do both know that this is important training that he needs for a future deployment, so we just embrace the suck, right? I don't know how these soldiers do it for an entire year! It puts things into perspective. At least I have an air-conditioned house and a cozy bed to sleep in.

Drew and I plan to spoil him with lots of hugs and kisses when he gets home. I asked him what he wanted for dinner for his first night back and he said steak and green beans. So that's what'll be on the menu one night this week!


Shayla said...

Oh no!!!! I can't imagine being a sick mommy with hubby gone :(

I'm glad you are doing better!!!!

In my house, when hubby leaves. . . something breaks, a bug pops up, or a MAJOR decision MUST be made and I have NO way of contacting him for three days.

That seems to be the way murphy works at my house!

C. E. Welch said...

Spudnick's was a little too much for the first day back out, huh? Maybe we should have taken it easier and found something a little more bland for your tummy. I hope you feel up to book club tomorrow night!

Jen said...

Oh no!!! I hate Murphy and everything that comes along with it!!! I hope you feel 100% soon!!

JG said...

:( I hope you're feeling better now. You guys have fun today. ((hugs))