April 14, 2011

Day 9: BFFs

In this area, I am beyond blessed :)

This is Sara. We've been friends for 25 years. Yeahh.. a long time! Our families were close before we were even born. She lives in Massachusetts. We were in each other's weddings. I.love.her.

My SIL, Melissa. We've been through a lot together. She is definitely my sister in every sense of the word. We have a lot of fun together.. sometimes too much fun. We can talk to each other about anything and everything.

Julianne is another friend that I've had for a very long time! For almost 10 years now actually. We started dating our current husbands within months of each other and the four of us have many, many fun, wonderful memories to last us for quite a while. I can go to her with anything.. she has many a times been my shoulder to cry on. I love our inside jokes. The things we could laugh for hours about that no one else would understand. Strawberry Wine will forever be "our" song. Look at us as mamas now!
Here is Emily circa 2007 (not quite sure why the photo says 2006) at my lingerie shower. I met Emily when she was 17? 18? Trey's BF, Brandon, pretty much robbed the cradle (but that's okay because they are married now and expecting their second child) and I met her very early in their (2nd) relationship. It was love at first sight. She's one of my favorite people ever. I love everything about her, but especially how much she values the people (like me) in her life and her sense of humor.

Second person from the left (like if you're looking at the picture, left) is Ashleigh. (I could not get the only picture I have of us one on one to upload quickly enough, Ashleigh, and I just got too impatient) I met Ashleigh in quite the same way that I met Emily. She started dating Trey's other BF, Matt. She wasn't always around because she went to college in Charleston, but she has grown to be one of my dearest friends. She quite possibly could be the sweetest girl that I am lucky enough to know. She makes sure that her friends know just how much they mean to her. Trey and I were beyond touched that she and Matthew flew out to see us after Drew was born. Now she is expecting a sweet little girl of her own and I cannot wait to meet her!!

Jennifer!! Jenn and I were friends back in high school. We had some very memorable moments working at CVS together. Life got in the way and throughout college and life afterwards, we lost touch. Thanks to FB we were able to catch back up. As fate (or the Army) would have it, we were placed back into each other's lives when Trey and I were stationed at Ft. Bliss. Jenn ended up marrying a soldier and came here less than a year before we did and we now live within walking distance from each other! God knew what he was doing when He brought us back together. I'll never ever forget how much her and her poor husband were there for me when Drew was born. She was right by my side in the hospital so Trey could go to the hospital Drew was transferred to and I wouldn't have to be alone. Her poor husband got to know me real quickly and lets just say there aren't many secrets between us any longer. He was such a trooper and will be very prepared for the after-effects of birth when they have a baby of their own! Jennifer makes being miles and miles away from my family bearable!  Side note Jenn: We need to take more pics together.
Another side note: Jenn makes the cutest things for children. Dresses, bows, boys clothes.. anything. Girl is super talented. You should check out some of her stuff here


Ashleigh said...

<3 :)

JG said...

You are very blessed, indeed!

Julianne said...

Tear! Love and miss you so much!