April 12, 2011

Day 8: Travel

I'm so behind! It's not totally my fault.. our internet has been down. Turns out a few wires were going bad down the street. To anyone that happens to live in my general area, you're welcome if your internet is running a little smoother now.

I'm just going to pick up where I left off instead of putting all of those days in one post. I know.. I know.. my month long assignment will probably take three months. This is why I never excelled in school.

Sooo - A place that I've traveled to. I'd have to say that the most exciting place we've been to would be Cancun, Mexico for our honeymoon
We stayed at the Moon Palace Resort - great choice
Sadly, I have no pictures uploaded on my computer of our 7 days there. Trust me when I say it was the most amazing, relaxing, fun 7 days of our lives. We never wanted to come home. Who would?? All-inclusive is the way to go! (but you will gain at least 10 pounds) Beautiful resort, friendly people, loads of entertainment, never-ending free drinks, more food than you can even picture in your head, gorgeous pools, swim-up bars in said pools, cabana boys who come to serve you drinks while you're sprawled out on the beach, fun excursions.

Is it time for a second honeymoon yet??


JG said...

That sounds awesome! I've always wanted a truly all-inclusive vacation. We get close with our Disney stuff, the way we plan it.

Cam and Kristy said...

Of course it's time for a second honeymoon! Before the next baby, drop Drew off with grandparents and head somewhere fun! :D

Lyryn said...

Just stopping, saw that you were a new follower and wanted to say thanks! Cute blog!