April 18, 2011

Day 12: I will not leave the house without..

Usually, the baby. He's on my hip at all times.
Luckily, my purse doubles as a diaper bag. It's pretty sassy and awesome for a diaper bag.
In that contraption, there always HAS to be the following: diapers, wipes, food of some sort for the monster (#1 - he's always hungry. #2 - what if we broke down or locked ourselves out of the car and were stranded for hours. Fed baby = Happy baby), toys, water bottle, wallet with debit card and Mil ID, Berts Bees chapstick, cellie, keys, and sunglasses because I live in the sun city.

Y'all... I'm getting better, but it does take me about 15 minutes to get out of the house. And that's after we're both dressed and "ready".


Erin said...

It's never happened, but I have had dreams that I forgot to bring M with me when I left the house. I actually feel naked when I go out somewhere without here. I always feel like something is wrong or I am forgetting something.

Paige said...

So many things that you cannot leave the house without while having a baby and toddler! I remember those days all to well =)