April 26, 2011

Day 14: Reminiscing

Today's post calls for a picture of me from this time last year. Here we are at his BOLC graduation:

Trey looks like a fat bastard. His words, not mine.. ha! I think he looks adorable. He's pretty hot now though. I was five months pregnant and, ironically, in better shape than I am now! How's THAT for motivation??
Beyond our appearances, this was such an exciting time for us! Finally finishing up BOLC, which Trey was miserable through, and for the first time, on our way out into the big world of the Real Army. This seems like it was just yesterday.
We have been feeling very nostalgic, realizing that it's coming up on a full year that we have been here in El Paso! Armed Forces Day is in a few short weeks. That time last year, we had just been here for a few days and still living in temporary housing on post, not having a single clue where we were going to live. Fort Bliss did a big outing to celebrate that day (including a chili cook-off, which I love) and were able to walk down to the park for our first Fort Bliss "event". They are holding it again this year, over at Biggs Park, and we can't wait to go. Last year, we were so new to the area and I was wobbling around with Drew in my tummy.. this year we can walk around with him in his stroller and celebrate being in the same place for a year!


hmb said...

Maybe you're hiding it well....but you don't even look pregnant in the pic! And J says he looks fat every time he sees a pic of himself in a uniform. Ha!!

JG said...

Oh, the end of BOLC! :) What a great day! I told SoldierMan last night, I still feel like we're just "visiting" here since we've only been here a few months. Hopefully after we pass the 6 month mark - longer than we were at Benning - this will feel at least semi-permanent.

Jen said...

You look great in this pic! I think every guy thinks they look fat in that uniform. lol