January 5, 2011

Back to Normal

How is it even possible that the holidays are over along with the trip back to SC that I was so much looking forward to?? On one hand it feels like it was a huge whirlwind that never really even happened it went by so quickly, on the other hand it feels like we left to start the whole trip ages ago. We had a great time, but there is a lot to catch up with so you know what that means... another post brought to you by bullet points.

  • I ADORED seeing Andrew meet all of the most important people in our lives! He did so well on this trip. He handled flying like a champ, the time change didn't phase him a bit, and charmed every single person he came in contact with with his beautiful smile. Seeing my parents as grandparents is something that warmed my heart more than I knew it would.
  • We spent the first 6 days staying at Trey's family and the rest of the trip with mine. There was drama involved with that, but it's just how it worked out.
  • Christmas was wonderful. Andrew was pretty much not impressed at all, but if he understood all the cool presents he got from everyone, he'd be pleased. Lesson learned though? We can't do it like that ever again. It cost Trey and I an ungodly amount (more than a round trip plane ticket) to ship everything back. I can't think of a fun solution yet, but we'll have to work on that!
  • I went dress shopping with my SIL for her wedding. She found a dress and looks breathtaking in it. She is going to make a beautiful bride.
  • Andrew rolled over for the first time while we were home! He did it once and that was it for a few days. I thought he would never do it again but then decided it was pretty fun I guess and I now officially have a tummy to back roller. Let the fun begin! He's also eating rice cereal mixed with fruit every night :)
  • I got a Flip from my mum for Christmas. Couldn't be any more ecstatic about that than I am. Now if only I could figure out how to upload videos here and why FB takes FOREVER to upload them!
  • I had multiple play dates with my friends' babies. It was amazing. I can't believe we are all mummies. Next year, Ashleigh's little one will be able to join!
  • New Years Eve was spent at my parents house with some of our closest friends. The Blairs came into town. We had lots of delicious food, little bit of vino, and some fireworks at the end of the night. I couldn't have planned a better way to ring in the new year if I tried!
I'm sure there is lots more that I didn't mention. I think the biggest and most important thing I realized over the past two weeks is that no matter how much I love going back and seeing everyone, Trey and Andrew are my home. Yes, it is true that we may not have a stable place to live while he is serving in the Army, but I have FINALLY gotten to the point that I am okay with that. I'm sure I will still get homesick and of course I would pack up and move back in a nano second if that were possible, but I'm finally at peace with my little family. Doesn't that sound horrible? That I wasn't before all of this? But it's true. I was so stuck on missing the people I wasn't around on a daily basis that I was missing out of making the most of the time I have here with my family. It's taking me a while to "grow up", but I am getting there.
Yes, I shed a few tears leaving my parents, even though I know I'm coming back in 2 short months, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't a relief to walk into our own home and get back to just the three of us. Back into our little routine.
Speaking of routine... off to wash some bottle, do laundry and get some groceries in this house!!


Ashleigh said...

My favorite part of the entire post was "Trey and Andrew are my home"
What a beautiful statement.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a wonderful trip back! What you posted about Trey and Andrew are your home made me really open my eyes and realize that my husband is my life and home now and has got me thinking. Thanks for opening my mind and eyes!