December 28, 2010

~ 4 Months ~

Drew Baby ~

You are 4 months old now and such a big boy! It makes me sad, but excited at the same time that you are technically no longer an infant. You had so many firsts this month that I don't even know where to start:

First Christmas!! You weren't really in to opening presents what-so-ever, but mama had fun doing it for you! You did like to chew on the wrapping paper though. You got lots of clothes that you have time to grow into. Some books that I can't wait to read to you! And lots and lots of toys that you will have so much fun with in just a few months. Especially Chuck the Truck that your Uncle Charlie gave to you.. you are already enthralled with that one, you just need to figure it all out :) You'll get there soon.. I have no doubts.

First snow!! My life long dream has been to have a white Christmas and we got pretty close this year. We got about 2 or 3 inches the day after Christmas and took you out to play in your new snow suit that Auntie Nanny (Kathy) got you. I don't think you cared less about it, but I'm glad I got some good pics!

First bowl of Rice Cereal!! Umm you kind of loved it. We didn't really have to teach you how to use the spoon.. it's like you've been eating your whole long life. We couldn't get it down your throat fast enough and had to stop and give you the bottle. Lesson learned Mister.. next time we'll give you the bottle first.

First time meeting lots and lots of people. You met your Uncle Steve, Auntie Mimi, Cousin Addy, and tons of friends. At first you didn't really know how to handle it. You weren't too sure of the chaos of everything. You cried a lot the first day... especially around Addyson because she is such a loud little monkey. You warmed up to her real quickly though and you were both very sweet to each other.

You do not know a stranger.. if this keeps up you are going to be quite the social butterfly. You smile at every single person that you see. Such the flirt! I love it! You seem to have a preference for blonds.. you stare very lovingly at your Uncle Charlie's girlfriend Vickie.. he better be careful!

You are wearing all size 3-6 month clothing and size 3 diapers.

You have a very strong grip... everybody comments on how strong you are.

You can hold your head up very well.
You'll stand up with us helping you and hold yourself up very well.

You are so close to rolling over!! You can get your little legs up and over and just need figure out the top half of your body.. so close buddy!

You love TV. It's not something that we've purposely got you doing, but you are obsessed with it. I take comfort in the fact that for now.. I'm pretty sure you are just interested in the bright colors and movement.

You rode on your first plane!! You were very well behaved and only cried one time and that was when another baby cried. You are very much a sympathy crier.. sweet boy.

We are not home to do your comparison picture, but when we get back home we will take that and go to your 4 month appointment!

We are more and more infatuated with you by the day. I can't ever stop cuddling and snuggling you and you like it more and more. You are the best thing that ever has happened to us and I thank God all the time for your existence. We love you!

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Ashleigh said...

I love love LOVE these monthly posts....this will be so neat to look back on.