December 4, 2010

Week in Review

I'm sitting here with a bit of free time since Andrew is sleeping on Trey's chest (which never fails to make my heart patter) and my camera battery died on me. I was attempting to erase all the pics from the past year that I don't plan to print out.. the memory card is almost full. I don't think I've ever done that before. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the 1 thousand million pictures I've taken over the past three months. I felt the deep need to blog, but after about a half hour went by without a decent subject popping in to my head, I figured I'd just come on here and ramble. That seems to be the norm lately.

So let's see..

This week flew by in my eyes. I did good keeping us busy.. mostly just with errands spread out over the week with bits of fun here and there.

Monday we went grocery shopping at Target and ran into my friend Sheila. I got to meet her little Andrew for the first time! He is 6 weeks old. Nothing too exciting there.. just a fun day at Target.. Andrew's favorite place. Promise.

One of my favorite pics to date ~ starting to look more like mama ~
We had our first play date with Andrew's friend Zoey on Tuesday. I met her mommy, Michelle, at the mall but I promise it was a play date for them, not us :) Zoey and Andrew were born within a few hours of each other at the same hospital. We went through Centering together and then ended up being in labor together as well. I'd say there is a bit of a bond there, don't you? We have another play date lined up for next week... Zoey wants Andrew to come over and play in her princess room. We won't tell daddy.

Thursday, we went to the Commissary and dropped by to see the Stitchers girls while we were on post. Andrew was a doll and sat and smiled at all the ladies. Flirt. That night we went to the HHB Christmas party and Andrew got to meet Santa for the first time. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves :) One thing I can say is that he is such an easy little boy. He's so compliant and I hope that lasts. It was past his bedtime and he wasn't mad at us at all for keeping him out. Didn't fuss at all and was just taking everything in.

Friday, for the most part, I went on strike from any cleaning or errands. I wanted to soak up as much time getting all of those giggles and smiles in. I have to remember to take days like that. Andrew is not going to remember how clean his house was growing up. I know that is not what is important in the long run. I mean, I'm not going to let the roaches and flies come in, but it's okay to let the dirty dishes sit for a bit. I want my son to remember his mama taking the time to get on the floor and play and laugh with him!
He went to bed around 6:45 that night. Just in time for Trey and I to watch the Friday night movie on NBC together. I guess Family Movie Night is coming back (remember that growing up?) and they showed A Walk in My Shoes. Such a great feel good, remember what life is all about movie. I loved it! Hopefully, they keep up the good movies.

This has been a lazy morning so far, enjoying our coffee and some College Gameday! Carolina is playing in the SEC Championship game today, and I can't speak for Trey, but I sure am excited! I'd love to win the game and be champions of the SEC, but if we win there won't be an SEC team in the National Title game, which there should always be in my opinion! We shall seeee. I know if we win, it's going to be a crazy night in Columbia!

Tomorrow we are heading up towards Las Crueces, New Mexico to head to a Pistachio and Wine Farm. More on that later. Off to enjoy the weekend! Sorry for the semi-boring post... that's all I have in me :)


Ashleigh said...

I like hearing about your week :) Won't be long, and you'll be home!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that there was a Pistachio and Wine fram in Cruces. I know Alamogordo has a few. I'll have to check that out!
Have you guys been to White Sands?? A lot of people take pictures there and use them on Christmas cards!