January 8, 2011

First Night Alone

We should be excited right? Not.At.All.

Trey and I have his unit's ball tonight and we are leaving Andrew with a very trusted older couple that we are friends with. He's spending the night with them :(

They have two grown kids, so they are very capable, that's not what I'm worried about. I'm going to miss him so much and I have very irrational thoughts... like.. what if he misses us just as much? What if he thinks we left him?

Most of all - I'm terrified of coming home without him. I'm so afraid that it's going to take me back to those very first few days when he was in the NICU and we were in an empty house. An empty crib. I'm so very scared of that feeling.

I'm going to try and concentrate on having a wonderful night out with my husband.. both of us all dolled up. I know that is important. We need nights like this. If only these knots in my stomach would go away...

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