January 24, 2011

A New Journey

I'm completely fed up with this baby weight. But I can't complain too much if I'm not doing anything about it.

Something clicked in me about two weeks ago. I'd had enough. I drove my chubster self to Curves and signed up on the spot. Not for the year commitment though.. I know myself better than that! *SN: I'm already coming into conflict with this. Trey is part of a new BN now and they are much more strict with his hours. He actually has to be present during formations now (gasp) which means they only time I had to go to the gym (6:30 am when they open) won't work anymore. I can't go after he gets off work or else we won't eat until 8pm and we all know that isn't good. Time to reassess I guess! Anywho.. where was I... After two and some odd weeks of working out and not really changing my eating habits (re: eating whatever the hell I want), I've finally come to terms with the fact that I needed to change said eating habits.

I've started South Beach. I was going to do one of those detox things for 17 days. .you know.. because everyone is doing it. But I had no clue as to what I was supposed to do after those 17 days. I mean.. once those days are over there are no guidelines. I need guidelines or I'll consume 5 pounds of potatoes in a day and top it off with a gallon of ice cream.

When we picked Andrew up from our friends house Sunday morning, I noticed her South Beach book on the table, started asking questions, read a few pages in the book, and made up my mind.

I went to the grocery store and had a mini panic attack as I saw the cashier load up all of those veggies. No bread. No crackers. No noodles or potatoes. I just knew I was going to starve!!

But day one is gone and over with and I have to say... I did pretty well. I never really went hungry.

I'm pretty excited about this.. especially since Trey is doing it with me. I plan to be very strict with the first two phases. After that.. I know I'll have some of those delicious carbs.. just once and a while. Not every night.

Sadly, you know what the hardest part of this all is? No No.. silly.. not the part about going without wine for 2 weeks.. too easy. It's trying to get all of my water in!

Wish me luck.. I'm very motivated today, but it's just day one.


Real love stories have no endings said...

yay!! Way to go you rock :) ready for a gym partner tonight and well anytime really!

Steph said...

Good luck! It's hard but if you can stay motivated you can do it.

C. E. Welch said...

I've restarted my spark people diet this year. I've lost 4 pounds in January. Remember to take it slow and lose the weight over time, and your skin won't get all saggy and need cosmetic surgery. :) Keep me updated!

Erin said...

The south beach worked WONDERS for me! I had used it before M, but went back to it when she was around 4 months old and I was hanging on to those stubborn 10 lbs. I dropped them in 4 weeks and have kept them off!

Kaycee said...

That's so awesome that your starting now!!
My Son was 16 months old when I started working out. I feel great, just wish I would have started earlier!!

Julie said...

I have done South Beach before. It worked as far as getting the weight off. I ended up not feeling well in the mornings so I didn't make it very far. I want to try again but maybe a more modified version of it.