July 28, 2010

No I'm not crying.. just have something in my eye

Ever since this song has come out, it has had a huge hold over me. It came out quite a few years ago, and still to this day can reduce me to sobbing tears. True story... it happened in the car this past weekend. Not just a little tear here or there. I'm talking the whole frog in the throat, can't sing along because I'm that worked up.

I truly feel like it could have been made -word for word- for my mum, dad and I. You see, I wasn't exactly a planned pregnancy. My mum was 19 when she found out I was coming and my parents were just dating. I can't even imagine what they went through or how they felt. My mum has told me a few stories and I know it wasn't easy. However hard it was for them, I'm so proud to see the relationship we all have together now. Sadly, it's not often that families stay together and I love seeing how much in love my parents still are :)

So yeah, from the man thinking his whole life is over, to the little girl with the blond curly hair and the blue eyes obviously having a larger than life affection for her daddy and that feeling being quite mutual, to the end when the "little girl" drives out west without her family. It's pretty much my life. Though I have to add... my dad would have never given me his credit card...and probably never would.


Charity said...

I have the same problem each and every time I hear this song. I became pregnant with Kiale when I was 17, KS and I got married "shot gun" style a month later. I was still 17.... it was rough to say the least. That song really hits home in so many ways.

Shayla said...


the video makes me cry so hard, and just hearing the song always brings a tear to my eye (bc im picturing the video)

I love it!!!!!!!!!

Julie the Army Wife said...

What a great song! Made me cry. My best friend had a baby at 17 and have heard how hard it was at first. Her daughter brings her so many blessings :)

Ashleigh said...

Oh goodness. I don't know how anybody could listen to that song and not cry! I can never listen to country music, because a song like this always come on and makes me bawl!!!

Your parents are so wonderful, and they were truly meant to be. They are still so in love, and they raised (and are still raising) 3 great kids!!

Ahh I gotta dry up these tears before Matt comes home and thinks I'm crazy!