July 19, 2010

Dear El Paso Residents,

It's about time I got a few things off my chest!

1. Last time I checked, I still live in America. Learn English.

2. After you've learned our language, please start working on American customs.
Common courtesy for one. Here's just a few things to keep in mind:

You know when you're driving through a parking lot and you see huge arrows painted in certain lanes. They are there for a reason.. not some sort of tacky decor. You're supposed to drive up or down certain aisles. The arrows are you're friend. They tell you which direction to go. If we could all just follow the arrows, we could all get out a little easier and you would prevent me from cussing you out and throwing my arms up in the air at you... please No.. I'm not dancing.. I'm PISSED.
Now... follow me in the store, will you... No one ENJOYS grocery shopping. We don't go there to socialize. We'd like to get in and out asap. That being said, please don't park your carts in the middle of the aisle to chat with your bff. Get out of the way.. PLease. Checking out is also not the time to chat with the cashier. I'm sure you've never met in your entire life. What could you possibly be talking about for so long? (as in.. your groceries are bought and paid for. Now she's scanning mine and I'd like to put them in my cart... PLEase)
And if you have a buggy full of crap, you're not allowed to go in the 20 items or less lane... PLEAse!!

3. Your car has a blinker on it. It's used for turning. Also used for merging. Oh, you don't know what merging means? I've noticed. Look before you switch lanes... PLEASE.

I guess that maybe I've been spoiled living in the south for the past 14 years. Or maybe I was just raised with great manners... but it's just as simple as thinking of other people. Being a considerate person. I like my life to consist of social rules that are followed by all, smiles and waves when you're passing another person, and yes ma'ams and no sirs.
I've come into your city and have embraced the Swamp Cooler, learned to accept a yard full of rocks instead of nice, plush grass, have gotten over the fact that you don't believe in having mail boxes in front of houses, and am branching out and tasting scary Mexican food and have even quite enjoyed it (not that it compares to San Jose.. just sayin'). I'm not asking much in return, am I?

Thanks for listening and let's get along a little better for these next few years, 'K?


A Marine's Wife! said...

People thinking driving in a parking lot is a free for all. no one pays attention, ever. it's horrible!

Mel said...

Gotta love the EP - they really do have problems with that stuff..

hmb said...

Non-speakers of our language annoy me. I understand that the US is a melting pot and all...but DANG IT!

Karren said...

I completely agree with #1. What drives me nuts is when people that do not speak English work at places such as hospital and they act pissy because I can't understand a word they are saying!

C. E. Welch said...

You forgot one - wait staff. El Paso is notorious for bad service in restaurants. Wait till you travel back home and are shocked at how great the service is while everyone else looks at you like your crazy.

We've found ourselves tipping amazingly well on the rare occasion we get a good waiter/waitress.

Ashleigh said...


do you feel better now? I'm sorry people are being so stupid!

Cam and Kristy said...

Amen, Sista! (And I agree w/ C. Welch too about the waitpeople here - HORRIBLE!)

Michelle A'etonu said...

OMG...I've been thinking all of this since I moved here. My husband is frustrated over the same things too!

Anonymous said...

I hope I'm not intruding, but I live about two hours from El Paso, (Holloman AFB) and people are horrible, rude, and can't drive out here. I came from the south, and this is such a change. I've been out here for almost a year and still haven't adjusted.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't really say I moved home, but it sure feels like it. My orgianl plan was to only go for two months, but I figured since I didn't have a job or school yet I could stay as long as I liked. So far, going home has been pretty amazing because it's helped the time pass by, but I'm not sure I'll go about doing it this exact way next time.
I decided to go home, because for one we had the money, and two I had a niece that was born five days after I left in Sep. of 09 and I wanted to spend time with her. And I'm a sucker for all things southern. I had to get me some southern cookin and iced sweet tea!

Katelyn said...

I love you for posting this. It made my day. It goes for Southern California residents as well!