July 12, 2010

~33 Weeks~

How Far Along: 33 Weeks and 1 Day

Total Weight Gain: Ohh man.. we're creeping up there.. total of 24 pounds now. I was hoping to stay under 30 lbs, but with 7ish weeks left, that doesn't seem realistic!

Maternity Clothes: of course. Can still wear some normal shirts though.. I did for the 4th. I can't wear my own t-shirts anymore. Have to wear the hubby's to bed!

Stretch Marks: Big time unfortunately. Luckily, they are still semi light. They are right smack dab in the front of my belly. Belly button still hasn't popped. I'm starting to think it won't?

Sleep: Listen, I get it when I can. It doesn't necessarily come when it's supposed to. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking a nap as soon as this is done!

Best moment this week: Ehhh... those are honestly getting hard to come by. I'm loving that when he moves or kicks I can see everything. Hubs got to see a good one last night and his reaction was priceless. I'm going to treasure these moments!

Movement: That's an understatement. More like a little gremlin has taken over my mid section.
Food Cravings: Where should we begin? Fruit, fruit, fruit. I went to Target the other day, my only reason being to get fruit (because I went from living around no Targets to living .2 seconds from a SUPER Target that has a bomb ass produce section). Plain Triscuits. I'm about to die to get some Japanese food. Just the rice really. I'm completely OVER cooking. I want nothing to do with it.


Temperament: Testy, testy, testy. I cry at the drop of a dime over little insignificant things. My poor, poor husband. But... he did this to me! I'm very anxious. I want to meet my son.. like NOW. I know he still has just a bit more baking to do though! Also, very very thankful. Beyond thankful. For my amazing husband who jumps up to do anything that will make my life easier, even after he's had a busy day... thankful for this blessing we've been granted... thankful for my mum who sends me little messages that keep me going... thankful for both of our families for flying alllll the way out here to meet the newest addition... thankful for the friends that I've met here that make me feel not so alone. I'm just feeling incredibly blessed.

Weekly Wisdom:

Dear Self:
I know you're anxious for this last little part to be over with. I know you cannot wait to get that little man in your hands. But remember, that you'll miss this part too. Try and take this opportunity to get as much rest as you can and STOP FEELING LIKE A TOTAL LOSER/SLACKER FOR DOING SO... your body is hard at work. Soak in all of these karate chops little kicks and movements. Also, stop worrying about giving birth. Stop trying to control everything and obsessing over it. God will lead you into whichever way needs to happen. If Drew stays breeched then you just weren't meant to give birth naturally. You won't be missing out on anything.. the important thing is that you have a healthy, happy baby boy. If he does turn, than you can handle the birthing process! Stop freaking out over it and worrying over every little thing!


Michelle A'etonu said...

girl...you are too cute! we have so much in common during this pregnancy...all the same food cravings and emotions, it's crazy! lucky for you, your stretch marks are barely noticeable. mine are as dark as ever and gross me out! and i've been using the palmer's stretch mark lotion like it's out of style! anyway...hang in there. we're almost there! we definitely need to have a play date once they're both here :)

Expat Girl said...

Huni, honestly look at the time I spent worrying and I was blessed with a 3hour labour and a sleeping baby, everything will work out : ) You look great and these last few weeks will pass even though they feel like forever, Soak u all of the lazy moments that you can and enjoy your last few weeks of peace!

Amber said...

Look at you! Don't worry about the weight gain, just try to enjoy these last few weeks. Before you know it you will be looking at a baby ready to crawl and you will be wondering where the time went.

Michelle A'etonu said...

hey...i left ya something on my blog!

Sailor's Wife said...

such a cute belly!!

I hope you can participate in the contest I'm hosting!

C. E. Welch said...

Japanese - Hamachi Grill on Dyer, just south of Transmountain. You could take the loop and get there quickly. Headed south on Dyer, it will be on your right hand side in a little strip mall right before the Big 8 Superfoods store.

I know you can't do much sushi right now, but they probably have something you could eat!

Steph said...

Awww... you will be such a great mom!

Jen said...

You look so wonderful!!!! :) You are going to be such a great mom!!! :)