August 6, 2009

You Know It's Love When... miss your favorite show ~ not just any show ~ the season finale ~ because you'd rather just hang with your pup. I'm sick. I really need to get a grip. I miss that little love bug so much during the day that when I come home, I can't get enough. I've even bee skipping meals and it's interfering with me life a little. Here's how today went:
-woke up from a full nights sleep AGAIN without any whimpering/crying/ whatever
-cleaned poopy off the floor AGAIN
-drove away to work with a broken heart because I could hear the crying as I locked the door :(
-got to work at 8:30, left at 11 to pick her up for the vet (vet visit went great. everyone was in love with her at first sight per usual. she weighs 1.7 POUNDS. ha!! Doc wants her to weigh an even 2lbs when I bring her back next Friday. She's healthy as can be aside from some itching that we're trying to work out. I did come very close to tears when they ripped her out of my arms took her away to get a fecal test done.)
-didn't get back to work until 1:30
-spent too much money at the pet store after work
-rushed home from said pet store to give her some massive lovins
-gave her her first bath (from me) a little later and called a co-worker damn near in tears because I thought I killed her. She was shaking and crying so badly that I thought I put her into shock. I wrapped her up tight in her comfort blankie though and canoodled her for about a 1/2 hour. She finally fell asleep. Didn't stop shaking until she went into that deep sleep.
-and here is my current FB status:
Dais was just sound asleep... curled up in the crook of my arm (some may call it canoodling). She woke up and for the first time EVER walked away to sleep somewhere away from me. Is it so wrong that I'd like her to stay a dependent pup forever? It really made me a little sad...
I never did get around to eating dinner, but I did watch the latest Real World episode. Hey... we all have our priorities. Some of us just need to get them in check.

No work for me tomorrow. We're going to Georgia and Dais is super excited to meet her daddy!!!! Just a short trip from Friday to Sunday. I may or may not come home.. I'm just sayin. Too bad i'm waaayyyy to responsible for that!


Sarah said...

oh yes, I was the same way with my puppy! If she slept away from me i was very sad and usually picked her back up. Now she is eleven months and 10 pounds (long way from her 2 when we got her) and shes such an idependent lady most of the time (except when she gets into cuddle mode or wants to play), she lost her last baby tooth last night.... tear.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have a great time seeing the hubs! And oh my your dog is soooo tiny!

Heather said...

Awwww... you're in looove :)

A guy at work is giving away FREE... that's right, FREE full-blooded yellow, black and chocolate labs. I wanna chocolate one SO BAD it hurts. The pictures of these little guys are adorable. Everyone I know is telling me I don't need another animal though. Sad :(

Carrie said...

Hey, I wouldn't want to leave that cute little fluff ball either. ;)

LiLu said...

Awwww, I don't blame you at all! I'd want to hang out with my pup too :-)