August 5, 2009

Busy Beeeeee

I have NO spare time. Puppies apparently keep you pretty busy! Or it may just be that I'm kind of an over protective mom that won't take her eyes off of her child? Hopefully I'll get over this?
My trip was verry nice. Drama at the airport on the way up. OF COURSE. There's always a story with me and my adventures. Just as we made it through security, they shut the whole airport down. Long story short... someone left their bag unattended which caused the bomb squad, police, and FBI to come out. My brother missed his flight and my mother almost cried because he had to go buy a ticket by himself and consequently go through security again and make it to Boston by himself. He'll be 20 next month and made it through basic training. No crying allowed.

The day after I got there (Friday) I went to see my grandmother. NOT a good day for her. They gave her a biopsy even though she didn't want one without putting her down for it. *bastards* She was in a ton of pain. Tylenol 3 was no longer working so they gave her a Vicoden while we were there. Needless to say we didn't stay long after that.
We then proceeded to go to the VFW (a daily hangout) followed closely by a little place called Joy Asia that night. What is Joy Asia you ask? Just what it sounds like. A Chinese restaurant that has karaoke. Oh yeah. I sang my heart out. Absolute Mai Tais +cowboy hats and boas = a very fun but slightly embarrassing Jessica. Okay okay.. a blow up shark may have been someone in that equation. Not so much fun the next morning.

Saturday I nursed a horrible hangover that made me swear off drinking for at least a month. Saw my grandmother again. This time it was pretty hard for me because I knew it was the last time I'd see her for the weekend. I sat in bed with her and she rubbed my back for awhile. That time with her, saying not much at all, was a pretty big deal to me. I'll cherish that. She was doing much better in the pain dept that day.
We then made our way over for a big party at my aunt Carol's house... it was to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. Look at this crew...Can you find me???? Man I LOVE those crazy people!

Now for the good stufff.... i'm in serious love with my pup. She's perfect. Not to jinx myself but she's been sleeping through the whole night. What more can you ask for? Oh.. not to poo-poo on the kitchen floor? That would be lovely. She loves loves loves to cuddle which is great. So do I. She's a complete spaz but it wears her out pretty quickly. She knows no fear. She's made a few dogs already and I'm pretty sure she thinks she's a Rottweiler. Here is what she REALLY is thoughOur first cuddle time. That's us on the way home from the breeder. Immediate Love.

We made a stop at my in-laws. My MIL has a very life like little brown pup. More proof she's a cuddler.

And here's a video. She like this little piece of cardboard more than any toy I bought her:

Trey's already smitten and he hasn't even met her. He regularly refers to her as his princess and has toys waiting for her from the PX. They're meeting for the first time Friday!! She's very excited to give her daddy a big kiss!!
*sorry for the big time slacking in commenting. Honestly, it probably won't get any better until next week though. I'm still reading faithfully.. i just need about 2 more hours added to the day!*


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm glad to hear your visit went well and that the puppy is doing great!

Ashleigh said...

I saw all the pics Katelyn posted from the party- it looked like a GREAT time!!! I am sooooo excited to meet miss daisy and I'm sad it can't be sooner!!

Yes you are right to keep your eye on her 24/7. You have to!! But I was so worn out on day 3 with Tyson that I had to ask my mom to dogsit so I could get out of the house haha!! You've got to keep your eye on her for training purposes... To stop her immediately from chewing or peeing or pooping on things!!! Otherwise she will do it when you're not looking and then think it's ok because no one told her otherwise!

I think you're a great mama already and I know Trey will be a great daddy too!!!

Ashleigh said...
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KLC said...

I hope your grandma gets better asap!!! Daisy is so cute!! My Tucker is a big cuddler too, he loves cuddling up on my shoulder like that, almost like he's a parrot haha!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

I am serious laughing over here because I know EXACTLY what your going through with a new puppy:p I had the same wake up call, that a puppy takes A LOT of your time in a day and I had slcaked a lot on my blogging too until I got a handle on it:p She is a doll girl! I love her and daisy is the perfect name:) Enjoy her!

Heather said...

Glad you were able to spend some time with your family - looks like there's quite a lot of y'all!

And Daisy is PRECIOUS! I'm in love too :)

Mrs R said...

Daisy is so cute. I'm glad she is behaving for you. She makes me wanna get a new puppy. I miss my little boy being that little.

Glad to hear you got to spend some quality time with your grandma and that you had a good time.

J.L.S. said...

You aren't an overbearing mom. I'm going through the same thing with our brand new puppy. Enjoy those first couple of weeks. We've had Nani 2 weeks today. We realized earlier this week that she is no longer puppy like. She has grown sooooo much. And she doesn't like to cuddle quite as much. Don't worry, she's still a cuddler when she gets really sleepy!

Glad the visit with your grandmother went well!

Carrie said...

Cute-cute-CUTE puppy. :D

And that was quite a crowd in the photo! Looks like you guys had fun though. :)

Karaoke? You couldn't pay me to do that... Kudos to you for bravery. ;)