March 9, 2009

My Birthday Weekend

Whew.. it was busy weekend! This would be 600 pages long if I went into detail about every single poing so I'll try and sum it up:

  • Had pizza for dinner at my parents house on Friday. I was pretty persistant on pizza from one certain restaurant, even after warnings from my dad that it wasn't how it used to be. I should have listened.
  • My mum is coming over one day soon and for my bday present, we are going to cook a few meals and seperate them into little single servings. She's so thoughtful!!
  • Woke up to beau-ti-ful weather on Saturday. Opened all the windows and did a little spring cleaning.
  • Had margaritas and pedi's with my SIL. While rushing home from shopping (trying to make it before other people go there), we got lost.. like really lost.. ended up on a dirt road.. damn Garmin!
  • Had a really really good time with SIL. We haven't had that in a while and I missed her.
  • A couple more girls came over for dinner, brownie sundaes, and movies. We're getting old. We didn't drink very much at all and fell asleep before the 2nd movie was over.
  • Best part of my day... TREY SENT FLOWERS!!! He must have arranged it before he left... how sweet is that. I cried very happy tears for 2 straight minutes.. they've been keeping a smile on my face ever since!
  • In-laws took me to The Melting Pot Sunday. A must do for anyone. Too much food, but I have never tasted anything like the dessert.. white chocolate ameretto fondue.. yes please!
  • They are so sweet and got me an Ipod and a case for it! I've been miserable ever since my other one disappeared. Now to remember the 500 songs that were on it and get them on my new one!!
  • I fully expected to get a phone call from hubs at some point during the weekend.. but alas.. not a one came through! I may have cried over that for just a short little moment as well. I'm thinking he can't make too many calls yet though... ahhh well!
  • I really really really missed him last night. After being surrounded by people all weekend, it was really hard to be alone after everything was done.

And it was back to the grind today! Went by very fast and even got in a walk/run after work... couldn't resist in this beautiful weather :)


Megan said...

Aww Happy belated birthday. Thats so sweet that he sent flowers. When my hubby was in basic at Fort Knox, I only got 4 phone calls the whole 9 weeks. It gets easier for them after "red phase" which is the first 3 weeks but they still don't get a lot of phone privileges. The calls always came on Sunday too. Just hang in there, it will be over before you know it.

Heather said...

Happy late birthday!!!! The flowers are gorgeous! And it sounds like you had a really great weekend. I'm glad that you and your SIL are getting along and spending some time together.

Golightly said...


It sounds like a Great one - pizza, margs, pedis and brownies - yummy!! and flowers to top it off - whoo hoo.

LiLu said...

Happy belated Bday!!! What a SWEETHEART with those flowers- it's almost too much! :-)