March 4, 2009


To my good good friends Tim and Wendy!! They left for the hospital around 2:30 this morning and will come home Friday with a beautiful new baby girl!! Emily Danielle was born at 3:15 today.. all 6lbs, 19 inches of her :)
I haven't seen her yet, but talked to Wendy's sister, J, today and apparently everything went very smoothly. Not the Auntie J would be biased or anything, but she says she is just perfect. I'm going to see her after work tomorrow and I CAN NOT WAIT to meet the little babe! I do wish Trey could be here to meet her though. But I'll send him pictures and he will meet her soon enough!

One goal for the month accomplished today:
Went to H&R Block to pay them the $280 they raped us out of to do our taxes this year. Next step... wait for our State refund to come in so I can pay the Federal amount we owe.. I know right?!? First time we've ever owed.. at least we're getting enough from State to pay it with.

More goals for the month:
celebrate my birthday
line all of our drawers and cabinets with that lining stuff (?)
celebrate St. Patty's Day
get my military ID and insurance set up

I think that's all. Ok ok.. so there are only 2 real goals in there. Fine, let's add starting a work-out regimine in there as well.

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