December 23, 2008

Test Results

Thank you so much for comments from yesterdays post about Trey. I knew when I went private that I'd get less feedback, but for the few that do comment, yall have NO IDEA how much I appreciate it. I have such a hard time commenting from our computer for some reason that I have yet to figure out. It only lets me comment on a few of your blogs. The other ones, when I try, my internet connection goes out. It never fails with Red, White, and Preppy's and KLC's. I hate it and it's so frustrating! I really do care and I always try. I just doesn't happen. Just know that I follow religiously and wish I could give you my feedback more steadily!

Trey got home last night rather pumped. He didn't actually get to take the ASVAB yet. His recruiter gave him some kind of pre-test to get a good guess as to what he'd make on the actual test. (He needs to make a certain score to get into OCS and Mr. Recruiter wants to make sure he gets that on the first try.. hopefully) Well he didn't on the pre-test. Passed the English part with flying colors. Not so much the Math. All that algrebra and fractions and stuff is hard after you've been out of school for so long!! I know I'd have a problem with it! But they gave him and website to go to where he can brush up on his skills. Someone is coming out to our house on the 31st so he can take that again. Then I guess we will go from there. I think he can pass the second time :)
But T was all pumped up about the info they gave him. He's liking the money and the opportunity to see the world. And mostly to be doing something that he can feel great about.

So that's where we are with that. Rest assured that I'll be keeping yall updated!

Is everyone ready for Christmas???!? I know I am. We're sitting around the house now with a fire blazing, the Tree lit up, and my mum's Christmas Tree scented candles going everywhere... perfect! I am fully, fully content. The only thing that could make this better is if I didn't have to get up and work in the morning!! Yes, I'll be working *probably* all day tomorrow. We've never had to work a full day on Christmas Eve, but with all these refi's going on.. we are so so busy. So I'm thinking we'll be there all day! Which is fine, I'm off Thur. and Fri of this week and the same next week. T has the day off tomorrow and his grandfather is in town from Alabama, so he'll be visiting with him all day. I know he's very thankful for that. I'll be going over to my in-laws after I get off. That's our Christmas time with them (we switch off holidays every year). Thursday morning, we'll wake up and spend the morning alone. I'm making him his big perfect breakfast (eggs, turkey bacon, and sausage biscuits) then we'll head on over to my parents to spend the day there. I'm so excited. We always have a good time at my parents house. There may or may not be a couple bottles of Reisling involved.. just saying.

I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. And stay safe!!!


Anonymous said...

Well... If you have been a good girl this year, there might be some Reisling in the fridge and maybe a mimosa when you get here in the morning!

Mrs. Claus

KLC said...

Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great time with your husband and families :)

Heather said...

Okay- I haven't read this or your newest post YET, but I wanted to say I'M SO SORRY!! I didn't abandon your blog, I promise!! Since you went private, your blog apparently doesn't show up on my list of blogs I'm following, so I thought you hadn't posted anything... then I thought I'd check to be sure and saw that I missed two!! I'm a terrible blog friend. Anyway, I'm about to read, so there will be more comments to come, I'm sure!!! :)

Heather said...

Ohay - now I've read this one!
I can't imagine having to take a test (especially a MATH test) after years of not having it. I would fail, for certain. I'm sure Trey will do great the second time though.
And just remember, y'all are in my prayers, no matter what happens. :)