December 6, 2008

One more thing to add to my list of excitement!

My best friend in the entire world JUST NOW got engaged!!! I am so so so happy for her. He is an amazing guy.. seriously.. if I could have gone and picked someone out off of a shelf for her, he would have never come close to Pat! They are perfect together!
Now for a little background info:
Sara lives in Massachusetts. We grew up down the street from each other (hence the name Southern Yankee.. since i'm down here now.. yeah yeah yeah) We met when she was two and I was three. Our families had been close for a really long time. In fact, my cousin used to babysit Sara and her brother and sister.. fast forward years later, S babysat for that same cousins kids.. anyways just to give you a little insight as to how close our lives are. We were INSEPERABLE growing up. Did everything together. When I moved to SC at age 13... I thought my life was ending. It was like ripping half of my heart out and leaving it with her 1300 miles away. *sorry for the dramatics but I'm not really exaggerating*
We've stayed close over the years. Never going too too long without talking and even if we do go longer than acceptable, nothing ever really changes with us. And when we do get to see each other (which is usually about once a year) we just fall together as if we've never been apart.
She was the first person I called when Trey proposed to me over two years ago (wierd) besides my family. And I was lucky enough to have her be a part of my wedding. I know your soul mate should probably be your husband.. and T definately is part that, but I think I have two soul mates. S and I were definately made to be in eachother's life. I couldn't imagine mine without her.. distance and all. Okay enough for the corny details.. I think you get how important this chick is to me. And this dedication post to her is much much overdue :)

Here's a little more detail into the engagement:
First you must know that S is the epitome of a Christmas Elf. She LOVES this time of year.. more so than I. So it's only fitting that he did this during this time of year. This morning they were out picking out a Christmas Tree. She found her perfect choice, he sneaks the box under the tree and says "Ohh look.. there's already a present under there for you" She finds it, which to her looks like a rock and didn't register with her until he got down on one knee.. she freaks.. says yes.. end *or should I say beginning* of story!!
The ring is perfect.. yay for picture messaging. And I only wish I could be up there with her celebrating right now!!! More than you know.

Congratulations Sara (not that she reads this.. YET) and Pat!!!!

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Heather said...

Awww. that's so sweet!! There's totally a jewelry store commercial that's just like that story. I mean EXACTLY like it. I think its sweet that people do that stuff in real life! When, or IF, my boyfriend and I even get engaged, he'd better pull out all the stops! I've read too many books and seen too many movies for something boring! Haha...