December 17, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets

For those of you who watch Lipstick Jungle, bare with me. If you don't, great! I have to describe part of one of the last few episodes to go into the main point of my post. Which I am sickly very excited about.
I think it was about 2 weeks ago, Niko and her boyfriend Kirby went to an art exhibit that he had heard about. Everyone got together in this room and had the opportunity to write any secret they had buried deep down on the wall with an invisible, glow-in-the-dark marker. After a certain amount of time, the lights were turned off and the wall was filled with everyone's secrets. Only you have no idea who wrote them on the wall. There was a little more drama involved in the episode, but that's all I need to refer to. I LOVED that idea. I thought that was so neat and thought about how much weight that must lift off of anyone's shoulders to get that out. Even if you're not directly telling anyone. At least you know it's there, right? Plus I find it absolutely fascinating to see some of the stuff that people keep in. Plus I'm just down right nosy! Let's be honest ;)
All of the above reasons explains why I was so THRILLED to see an email from a co-worker today. She knows me a little too well and thought I might be interested in this website (and I never even told her about the Lipstick Jungle episode). I suscribed to it immediately so I could be the ever-faithful follower that I could be. I guess the person who has this blog has an address out there where people can send in their secrets on a postcard.. and people send those puppies in! Some are funny, some sad, some scary. All very interesting.
So let's see.. anyone brave enough to share any dirty little secrets?? Leave one as a comment annonomously (sp) if you're up to it : )


KLC said...

i LOVE post secret! I even bought one of the books :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my life just isn't that interesting, I'm kind of an open book...

Heather's M

Anonymous said...

Post Secret is awesome and I've seen that eps of Lipstick Jungle - can you believe it got canceled?!? Grrr

Heather said...

I think that's kind of cool. I might would do it, I don't know.
On a side note, Kevin is secretly addicted to Lipstick Jungle. Ha.