December 27, 2008

Finally a free minute

And UNC just lost their bowl game. Boo. I won't go any further into that..

Trey and I had a great Christmas this year. But is it just me, or did it go way too fast. I spent the majority of the day packing away all of our decorations. It felt like I just put them up! I remember thinking last year that I was almost thankful to be putting them away, but not so much this year. Although it is nice to remember that my living room is all that much bigger than it's looked like during the past month! There's a plus!

First we had Christmas Eve with Trey's family. We had dinner (a roast, potatoes, salad.. i'm pretty sure there was a veggie, but I don't remember). We sat around watching the Hawaii bowl game, then waited for his sister to get off of work to exchange gifts. With his family, everyone picks names and only buy for that person... which is nice on the wallet. My MIL had my name. I got pretty good gifts. My favorite though was this:

So thoughtful of her! Especially since they are not such big fans. (??!? I know right! Crazy!) We didn't get back to our house until around midnight.

The next morning we got up pretty early and had breakfast together. We made (read: mostly I made) eggs, turkey bacon, sausage, and biscuits. All hubs picks. That was basically my present to him. We didn't exchange gifts at all. (Unless you count buying a house and a 52" flat screen TV during the year) We just don't have much cash flow coming in and would rather buy for our family than for eachother. We got to my parents house around 10:30 and about 1/2 the living room was covered in presents. Nice job of "not having a big Christmas mum"! I don't think that she can help herself! Cayce was there to greet us at the door.. so excitedley:

With her pretty Christmas collar on! She loves it! What a pretty baby!!

Santa was very very good to us over there! Some of my favorites were.. Patriots flag to hang outside (that was actually from my brother) a toaster oven, George Foreman grill, a niiccee for Trey and I each). And my other brother, Steven, got us some decorations to put outside for next year. I don't think he was quite satisfied with our decor when he came over ;) Santa brought the whole family a Wii!!! We had so much fun with that all day. We couldn't get enough. (until the Celtics game came on of course) Yall.. my dad even liked it! That says a lot.. he doesn't play games!

Oh I almost forgot. My friend Ashleigh got me a gorgeous ring from her jewelery (sp) party she had last month:

LOVE IT!!! We joked later that we felt like we got engaged bc I told her I couldn't stop staring at it. Teehee.. No? Not funny? It was at the moment. Not so much now. Oh well...

So there you have it. Tonight we're going to have dinner and possibly a few drinks with two other couples we're very close with. Trey and the two other guys have been friends since 9th grade. Just a bonus that us girls get along so well! Back to work Monday :( *Oh yes, back to a normal work week.. for now*

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Heather said...

Aww, I'm so glad y'all had a good Christmas! The dog is precious in that collar!! I bet Toby would try to eat it if I put it on him.
And I know how you feel about going back to work. BLAH. I was off Wed-Fri last week. Niiiice. :) But it's cool, after tomorrow I'll be off the rest of the week.
Oh, and I can't wait to hear about your houndstooth jacket!!