October 9, 2012


I'm getting really bad at pulling out my camera. I know it's because my memory card is just about full and I need to organize all of those pictures (Ughhhhhh), but that definitely means I'm falling behind. And it also means I have a whole post about our weekend without any cute Andrew pictures to break it up. Still interested? Keep reading.. I'll try to make it interesting. I may even steal pictures from friends on FB.

It was a 4-day weekend - my favorite kind! I've seen that meme going around on Pinterest and FB that says something like, "Woohooo, it's Friday!! Oh.. wait.. I'm a mom. It doesn't matter". Well, I beg to differ!! I still love my Fridays as much as any work-out-of-the-home girl! Fridays just mean something a little different to me now. They mean Daddy is home for two whole days!! Uninterrupted time as a family! More help for me! Later nights for us adults together! (not because Andrew will sleep in, but because somehow, it just seems okay). Breakfasts together as a family! Yes, I still do love my Fridays!

We had a fun 4-day weekend full of QT for the three of us. Lots of time spent with friends. A yard sale. A guys night at the bar and girls day at the mall. New purchases and a trip to the ER. No extra long weekend is complete without a trip to the ER, right?

Friday was spent entertaining Andrew and getting ready for the yard sale we were having Saturday morning. It was a multi-family moving sale held at our friends house, so we all got together Friday afternoon to organize and price our stuff, let the kids run around like miniature crazy people and have a cookout. Most fun I've ever had preparing a yard sale, that's for sure! While us responsible, mature women were nurturing our children (making sure they didn't run into the road, kill each other, or steal each other's food) our husbands were plotting their way to the German Club (a bar that's basically in our back yard) for the night. They had it all figured out. They would come home to help get the kids to sleep then sleep in with them and bring them to the yard sale when they were ready. Sounded good to me! Trey deserved a fun night out.. and fun they had! They bonded over beer, laughs and Army talk.

The yard sale went OKAY. I can't speak for everyone, but I think we were all a little disappointed with the crowd that showed up. We made decent money, at best, but I'm still left with way more stuff than I wanted to be left with! Plus, we kind of defeated the whole purpose of the sale and ended up buying stuff.
Trey is now the proud owner of this chair:
Hard to see, but I'm having technical difficulties. I'm sure you get the gist of it. He HAD to have it. He had never been any more sure of anything in his entire life apparently.

And I now collect Fiestaware dishes!! A friend was selling a 4-piece set for $20. That bright green color sucked me in after having all black dishes for over 5 years now. Then, Macy's was having a sale so I have 5 more colors on top of that! I'm a happy girl.
BUT. But.. we spent all of our yard sale money :/
I have lots of stuff left over though, so I think we're going to try to have another sale this coming up weekend. I don't want to. At all. But it's the right thing to do...

Let's see... the ER. Andrew did something to his leg/hip/but/back area. He limped around off and on all weekend. Would hardly run. Wouldn't jump or climb. He kept pointing to that area and telling us it hurt with the saddest little face. I kept waiting for it to get better, but it never did. We took him in to get xrays Monday morning and everything seems to be fine. So we're not really sure what's going on. I'm sure he just pulled a muscle or something like that, but we had to just make sure, ya know?

It's always so much harder for us to let Daddy go back to work after having all of those days off! We get used to him being around! But, we'll take the time off anytime we can get it. Looking forward to 2 weeks of block leave coming up in a few weeks!!

Off to empty my memory card so we can have more illustrated posts soon!


Amber said...

I was severely disappointed in the crowd.

And technically you only got those dishes for $17. :D

JG said...

Sorry the crowds weren't what you were hoping for. Are you going to be in Round 2?

Hope Andrew's back to 100% now! Life is hard for a little guy :(

Jen said...

So sorry the crowds weren't that great, that is always a bummer.