January 4, 2012

Enjoying Life

I'm still here in South Carolina enjoying the living daylights out of my family and friends. I desperately need to go back and document the holidays, but it will have to wait. Think of it as a little treat. Just when you start to miss all the hullaboo, we can take a look back and relive the moments all over again.

I'm currently sitting in my mom's cozy, quiet living listening to.. absolutely nothing. My brother looked at me about an hour ago and wanted to know if he could take Andrew to run a few errands. Yes please, I said! Peace and quiet - I'm in heaven.
So, I just wanted to check in and express how much fun we are having. Andrew is loving spending time with my fam. I can't even begin to explain what it does to my heart to see how my parents react to him. Seeing them do things which should be the norm.. playing outside, taking walks, reading books, drinking milk, playing ball, and driving cars.

I've just been soaking it all up.

I do miss that husband of mine something fierce and Lord knows I can't wait to see my Ft. Bliss friends, but once again, it's going to be very hard to leave.

Why can't everyone be in one place. I'll have to see how this flight goes with just me and the babe.. I might have to make another trip back out in a few months. Let the saving begin.

Mum - Please remind me how much fun we're having after I'm done flying back and proclaim that I'm never doing that again!


Jen said...

Aww.I am so glad you and Andrew are enjoying quality time with family and friends :)

Jenn said...

If I can do it, so can you!!!

We packed a lot of "new" snacks for the flights over the holidays. Those little Gerber yogurt melts were a hit, as well as Goldfish and some type of Cheetos (although those were kinda messy, not gonna lie).

Glad you're enjoying family time!! Happy new year!

JG said...

Yay for family time! Glad you're getting so much togetherness. Can't wait to see you!!

Jamie said...

I am so jealous you are getting family time. Enjoy it!