January 31, 2012

~ 17 Months ~

I'm slacking a little bit! I missed the 16 month update (to my defense, we were in SC), I'm late on this one and I have no monthly picture. Tsk tsk tsk. Just thought I'd admit the faults up front. Now.. moving on..

17 months?!? Andrew... you are such a big boy! You have been changing so much lately, and all in wonderful, amazing ways! You have quite the BIG personality, my son. Ha! I'm very much enjoying your laugh which comes out more times a day than I can count. You laugh even just when you hear someone else laugh.. especially your Daddy. If he thinks something is funny, well than obviously it must be hysterical in your eyes!
Speaking of your Daddy... you are just in love with that man! I have to say.. for the majority of your big life so far, it's been all about me. You turned to me for everything possible.. comfort, play, help. Now, you are just so into your Dad and I. LOVE. IT. It makes me so happy to see the two of you together. Playing, reading, watching cartoons.. everything! I know it means the world to him too!

I have no earthly idea how much you weigh or how tall you are. Which is a good thing, it means we haven't been to the doctor in a while. We'll find out next month at your 18 month well visit appointment.
You are in almost all 24 month clothes. You can still fit in a few pairs of you 18 month pants, but that's about it.
You're in size 5.5 or 6 shoe. Size 5 or 6 diaper. 5's are getting snug, but 6's are just a tad too big.

I kind of feel like you've slowed down in this area. I believe your only new word in the past two months is, "no". Which is unfortunate because you use it very freely!
So now we have - Car (Ca.. sometimes you will actually say cars if you are asking demanding to watch the movie), Dog (Daww... but you use that for lots of words), I love you (ya ya ya), Outside (owdaaa), and mama and dada of course.
You are doing a few signs now. You know how to sign "more" and "all done". You almost have "thank you" down and we are working on "please", but you aren't even close to doing that one.

Everything. Favorites right now would be Kix, bread of any kind, yogurt, apples.. or any kind of fruit really, green beans, kidney beans (I know.. crazy), chick peas, Cheez-Its and still Goldfish of course.
You are very independent with your eating now. You want to use your own utensils and you almost have it down.. you still need my help a little bit. You love it when I hand you something without cutting it up so you can take bites.

We are down to one a day and it has moved to the afternoon. You go down at 12:30 and sleep anywhere between 2 and 3 hours. I love it! Our mornings are freed up to do so much more now and I can get a lot down in that long period in the afternoon! You go down for the night between 7 and 7:30 and wake up between 6 and 7 in the morning.

You had your first dentist appointment. You hated every second of it even though all they did was brush your teeth, but I think it's a great office. You saw Dr. Bowden. Speaking of teeth... you have so many that I've lost count. They are everywhere in that little mouth of yours.

You are more comfortable in CDC. I don't have major guilt when I drop you off anymore because you very rarely cry now. It warms my heart to see you have so much fun with other kids. You run around, laughing and smiling. I hope you are always comfortable among your peers!

You are SO into the alphabet. I have a ABC puzzle and amazingly enough, when I empty out the pieces and ask you to find a certain one, you are able to find it! That blows my mind. You are so very smart baby!

You do really well with following directions (when you want to, of course) and you're quite the good little helper. You love to "help", and I use that term very loosely.. ha!, mama do the dishes, cook dinner, shut  doors for me, umm.. flush the toilet!

You are climbing all over everything! We are not safe anymore! You love to get up on the couch or any big boy chair and can go down the stairs by yourself. How are you so independent?!?

You also love to read your books by yourself. You will tear almost all of them down from your bookshelf and flip through them over and over. When I try to come and read to you, you move away from me.. haha! You make me laugh all day!

Your love for cars has expanded out to planes, helicopters, and CAT cars. You also LOVE any kind of ball. You get really excited when you see one anywhere.. if it's on a book or block.. or even on your sheets.. you get very upset that you can't pick the ball up off of the object!

Andrew, you are such a joy sweetheart! I feel so blessed that I get to stay home with you and witness all of these firsts. We have your brave, hardworking Daddy to thank for that!

We love you more than you know - Mama and Daddy


Just Ask Beth said...

Andrew is a very lucky boy!! He is darn cute! X0x0

Karol and Garvin Emanuel said...

We so enjoy these- our great granson is growing and we are fading -Life is worth living and enjoying these precious times. turn your head and he will appear as a high school senior or college graduate and a grown man. turn again and he will be a professor about to retire. so as Mary did to Jesus -ponder all these things in your heart!

Mel said...

I use our CDC too and it has been great! Wondering where you are Stationed? We are in NC