December 19, 2011

If ya like it than ya shoulda put a PIN on it

Clever huh?

Have you seen the pin that said something about wishing there was a big red button to press that says "I actually did this" when you actually complete a pin that you pinned? (how's that for a opening sentence??) Ha!
I totally agree. There at least should be some kind of way to check things off without erasing them from your boards. I can't help it.. I'm a helpless list maker and the whole point of lists is to cross things off.

Good thing I'm a blogger. I can broadcast to whoever cares (let me believe you are all dying to know this, mkay?) that I do complete the things I pin. Or have intentions to. Okay.. really I'm just showing off. Humor me.

* None of the pictures below are my own. Had I known I was going to be showing off, I would have snapped pictures. In the future.. get ready for it. Correction. One will be my own. Oh, you'll know it.*

Parmesan Roasted Potatoes by These were just okay. Nothing special and I probably wouldn't take the time to make them again. It was probably umm.. me.. though.
 IHOP pancake recipe by These are delicious. I was serious when I got onto FB afterwards to declare that I'd never buy a box of Bisquick again. Yum and Easy Peasy.
Crock pot Orange Chicken by No. We did not like this at all. But I think it's just that we don't like Orange Chicken and I thought we did. I feel like it's a good recipe if you like that dish!

Crescent Breakfast Ring by Really good. Especially the first time I made it (Thanksgiving morning). The other two times have been a little off, but I have no clue why. Just hasn't been quite as good as that first time. Definitely worth it to make on your own!  - Mine for sure didn't look like that!

Delicious Apple Crisp by . Ohhhh yeahhhh!! Fabulous. Make it. The end.

Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes. If you're looking for a low-fat side, don't even bother clicking. It sounds too good - and is even better than it sounds - so don't tempt yourself. We eat mashed potatoes so few times a year that it doesn't matter. Amazing! Creamy. Buttery potato goodness.

Chili's Skillet Queso by Tastes just like Chili's!
Chicken in a Blanket by We really liked this one! Good to eat during football. I'll definitely make it again.
Crock Pot Honey Chicken by So very good. It's a new favorite of ours! Need to make this again real soon!

Mexican Stuffed Shells by Another new favorite. Perfect substitution for a boring ol' Taco Night.

Ohhh my that took a long time! Clearly, my husband is thankful for Pinterest! Speaking of that man..

I've also started this idea taken from 101 sweet things to do for your husband. I'm not very good at expressing my feelings towards him and find myself all too often getting caught up in the business of life. I want to show him how much I appreciate him through simple acts of kindness. I've only done the first two.. I umm.. forgot. See. Life is busy. But I'll jump back on tomorrow!

I did this just this weekend with the plates of cookies I made for neighbors! Same ribbon I'm noticing now, in fact.
This is a good little workout. Kept me sore for days. Obviously, I need to do it more often!

Ohh my gosh.. just figured out I could embed the pic instead of saving the picture, copying and pasting all the sources.. blah blah blah. That could have saved me an hour. Anywho.. I did that ice cube thing above and Andrew loved it! Freeze the cubes with a bit of food coloring in it. Pop one in the tub with your kiddo and watch the crazy fun take place.

Fun with Scarves. So many neat ways to wear them.

The perfect website to help with any beginning "photographers" out there. Seriously, if I can even begin to understand about aperture and shutter speeds.. you can too!

Speaking of photographs. Look at this picture that I took.. in the dark.. of our Christmas Tree.. all because Pinterest taught me how.

Source: Me.
 And this one when I was just playing outside with my camera last night. Around 10pm. I know.. crazy life I lead :)

For the only lighting being that dear in the corner, I have to be pretty proud of myself on that one. That's taken in manual.. and it was definitely better than the one taken in auto. My little point and click was never  capable of taking pictures in the dark! So thank you Canon.. and thank you Pinterest for teaching me about photography!

And just because this has made me laugh more times than I'd care to admit.. I'll end on this note..

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

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Jenn said...

I made that exact same orange chicken and it turned out disgusting for me too. I usually like orange chicken, but that tastes nothing like it! Can't wait to try the honey chicken and check out the photography pin. The pic of your tree looks great!