June 13, 2011

WW Mondays

Ahhh.. is there anything more relaxing than laying in bed blogging? Well, yes, I'm sure there is.. but I'm super relaxed right now. It's really Sunday night as I'm typing this, btw, and Trey has staff duty (he has to stay at work through the night.. be there in case anything happens.. perform checks around the barracks.. that sort of thing. They take turns doing it and it works out to where he does this about 2 or 3 times a month. Just a little FYI for non-military family and friends!) Anywho.. while I would much rather him be here with me (especially because I'm afraid of what lurks out there in the dark) I do find it nice to watch what I want, eat popcorn for dinner if I want, and blog in bed every now and then! I call it looking on the bright side.

Ohh.. you don't care about my rambling and just want me to get on with the WW stuff? Good, because I can't wait to share my progress with you this week :) :)

This week I lost 3.6 pounds!! Wooo-hooooo! And that's not even the best news. It gets better.
1. I've met my first goal, which was 5% of my body weight, which was 8 pounds. I'm down 8.8 total pounds now in just under a month! I can't tell you how good that feels. How good I feel. No turning back now!
2. While leisurely walking around Target one day this week with Trey, he randomly told me that my legs are looking great. Of course, as I cheesed, I asked him what exactly he meant by that. I needed to hear what about my legs looked so much better (I have short midget legs.. I have never, ever gotten a compliment on these gams). He was talking about the definition in muscle tone. Guess all of those walks are starting to pay off.
3. My pants are getting looser on me. (Is looser a word?). I comfortably wore a pair of shorts that just a week ago caused a little too much muffy top.
4. My wedding ring is loose.

How do you like that for a progress report?!?

Now for our subject of the week. Hopefully, y'all will be more help to me than I am to any of you. I suck at lunches, but most days I don't really care. I eat the same thing almost every single day and it doesn't bother me. Most of the time.
Ready for this excitement?
A turkey sandwich made with reduced-cal, whole wheat bread toasted just so.. not to crispy.. just enough to give it a little toasted texture. (2 points for 2 slices). Add 6 slices of some flavored turkey breast (Deli Fresh) (1 point). Pepper. Cilantro. Jalapenos. Lettuce. (all zero points). Then I'll have either a yogurt (Dannon Light Toasted Coconut flavor - 2points) or 16 red-fat Wheat Thins (3 points) or maybe just some fruit.
That is my go to.
I may throw a wrench in my day by making a little salad with shredded lettuce, above listed deli meat (1 point), cilantro (zero), and 2 Tablespoons of Light Ranch (2 points). With fruit on the side. Sounds boring, but I love it. I'm a simple kind of gal.

Clearly... I need help. Can't wait to hear all about your week!!


C. E. Welch said...

congrats on the weight loss, girl! And yes, looser is a word. Loose, looser, loosest!

my word verification today is "purry." I feel like that should be an adjective for my cat. When he's happy, he's all purry.

Sue Brandon said...

Way to go!!! I love Looser!!! Keep it up!! I've gotten hooked on low carb tortillas. You can put anything in them. One of my favorite things is garlic flavored humus and either chopped cucumers, coleslaw or jicama. I also add turkey upon occasion!!

And darlin'....you ALWAYS look MAHVELOUS!!!

Jen said...

Yay how awesome! You are doing amazing!!! :)

JG said...

You are doing awesome! I knew you looked thinner last week. :)