June 6, 2011

Weight Watchers Monday

Welp, I'm going to be real honest here. Another week, another disappointment. And I haven't the foggiest idea why. Unless the doctor's scale is different from WW's scale. I had a doc appointment Friday morning so considered that my weigh-in. I was planning on going in to WW to weigh in real quick that day anyways, but after stepping on the scale at the docs office and having it go UP *point* 4 pounds since last week? I couldn't do it. I've been debating about switching to online only anyways. So much cheaper and the etools program is very helpful for me. THAT  made the decision pretty easy for me!
I haven't the foggiest idea where I'm going wrong. I stayed within my daily points almost every day. I only used 5 weekly flex points. And yes, I'm choosing my points wisely. So unless it's the frozen breakfasts I'm eating in the morning (WW brand at that) or the Smart Ones desserts (that's not allowed to be the problem. I look forward to those all day) I'm having at night, I'm at a loss. I even walked 5 out of the 7 days for 45 minutes each time. I did have my blood drawn for labs while at the doc Friday morning. Not for this reason, but there is a history of low thyroid in my family. I guess it's good to rule something like that out.
All that being said, I'm NOT giving up! I know this works and I'm going to keep on truckin' on. Even though the scale isn't showing anything, I know I've gotta be doing good by cutting my portions way down anyways. Plus, I have to buy a new belt. I was already on the last hole... I noticed earlier this week that I either need to buy a new belt or poke a new hole! So, I guess there is an achievement after all :)

On to our topic.. what motivates me?

Most importantly, is my family. I want to be healthy and live a long and fun life with them. I never want to tell my son that I CAN'T run around with him. I don't want that to be a chore. I want to enjoy his childhood.
I want to set a good example for him. I can't very well tell him he can't have those french fries or cookies or ice cream if that's all I'm sitting around eating. And I can't expect him to be active if I'm not.

Also, I want to feel good about the way I look. When I look in the mirror, the reflection doesn't resemble a thing what the girl inside me feels like. Does that make sense to anyone? I'm self-conscience about the way I look right now. I'm always tugging at my clothes making sure they fit right and are covering up the "fatty parts". Always hiding the chub. I want to be able to throw something on and just feel good about myself. Not try on half a dozen items out of my closet and rip each thing off in disgust.

All in all.. I just want to be a better me. For myself and my family.

What about you? Link up and let us know!


Mallory said...

Some people don't see a big change in the numbers for a while. My suggestion is to track your measurements. You will see a change there before the scale.

I tried just doing it online and it never worked for more than a few weeks for me. I need the accountability of the meetings to make it work but I know some people don't need that.

I know it is frustrating when you feel like you are doing right but the scale says your wrong. Start looking for the non-scale victories because sometimes the scale just isn't the whole picture. Good luck.

C. E. Welch said...

I agree with Mallory! You need to take measurements. I have a measuring tape you can borrow if you need one. Or if not measurements, go by how your clothes fit.

I've barely been losing weight, but my clothes are fitting better. Last time I bought pants I'd gone down another size!

Also, I always feel that doctor's scales are different. Although I was excited to only see 170 when I saw the doc last Thursday!

Jen said...

I agree that doctor's scales seem to be different and also off. Don't be discouraged, you can do this! :)

Ashleigh said...

Jess, you can't weigh yourself on different scales!! The WW scales are calibrated for every meeting, so they are much much more accurate.
Also, was the time of day different? If you weigh yourself before/after a meal, they are going to be different weights!! And what you ate can affect it too.
When I did WW, I did the Saturday AM meeting and didn't eat breakfast before I went, so it was a true baseline. I bet you DID lose some! My doc's scale is always heavier than mine at home.

GET BACK TO THE MEETINGS! you know you won't do online....do I need to link you back to your post that said that?

Ashleigh said...

p.s. I love you

JG said...

Never go by a doctor's scales! I always get on backwards and tell them not to tell me what is reads. Don't worry, as long as you are being consistent, you will see results. Stay strong!