June 26, 2011

Settling in

Well that was not a planned hiatus! Our Internet was supposed to be set up the day before we moved into our new house, but wasn't working the day we moved in. Why, you ask? Oh, that would be because AT&T doesn't serve our new address. You'd think that would be something they'd tell you when you tell them what your new address is going to be.... just a thought.
But that can't be my only excuse. I've had service for a week now (through TWC which is actually cheaper, so eat it AT&T) but I just haven't felt like blogging. One.. I've been busy. Lots of stuff to organize and much more space to clean in this house! Two... it's always a little overwhelming for me to start back up once I've taken a break. I'm not sure why that is. Just need to get in the habit again, I guess. But, I figured with Drew's 10-month coming up, I sure better start or else my mother wouldn't be very happy. 28 years old and still striving to please the woman ;)

We are just about settled in our new beautiful home, minus a few random objects here and there. Once we get the main, highly used stuff up, it's hard for me to find a space for the crap that's left over. Or the motivation to even put my mind to it!
We got a pretty rug yesterday since we have hardwood floors for the first time. We have a few decorations up here and there and have mostly just pictures to arrange on the wall and one wall to paint. I'm sick of living in white boring walls. We'll have to paint it back to white when we leave, so just painting one accent wall seems like the best thing to do. Add a little homeyness, but not too much work to do when we PCS (move).

Like I said, we are just in love with living here. I'm loving living on post! The convenience is wonderful! My morning walk is longer and much more beautiful.. hello grass and trees and good-bye yapping dogs at every other house!

Now that I have this random, almost thoughtless post out of the way, hopefully I can slowly start posting more again. There probably won't be a link up again tomorrow, but feel free to blog about it without me. I'm still reading along!


C. E. Welch said...

What time to you leave for your morning walks? I can join you at least some mornings!

Mel said...


I saw we plan a trip to JoAnn fabrics and get you some cute pillows. I need some fabric for my bench anyway.

And maybe to a couple thrift stores to see if we can find some great extra pieces to tie it together.

Ooh, and I also enjoy painting and will help whenever you decide to tackle that project.

Mel said...

saw = say :)

Just Ask Beth said...

We love AT&T!!

JG said...

Can't wait to see it! :)