June 9, 2011


This is one of my rare occasions that I have not a thing to do at the moment. Sure, there are a few things I could be doing ( ie: starting laundry, cleaning a few bottles, or PACKING) but Drew is napping, my legs are a little sore from all of the power walks I've had this week, and I'm kinda sleepy, so I'm just lounging for now. A lounger with an urge to write with nothing in particular to write about. So.. you get some random rambles today. Lucky ducky.

Trey has been on leave since last Wednesday and it's coming to an end. I'm dreading him going back to work. Not only has it been beyond nice to have him around the house (the company and an extra set of hands? Sweet.), but I've also taken a little vacation for myself as well. Less of sticking to a schedule. I haven't been planning meals or cooking elaborate dinners. Not that anything I cook on a normal day is elaborate by any means, but things have just been more chill. And it's been nice. Waaaaah!

I'm so very excited about our move. We can't wait to be in our new house!! But the whole moving process? For the birds. Not my cup of tea. Couldn't I have just gone home to visit family and friends and come back when everything was done and set up nicely? Is that so much to ask? I did invite some friends over one day next week to come over and help me pack last minute stuff (read: almost everything). They must love me.. some are actually coming even after I warned them how disorganized I am. It's not my fault.. it's the ADD. I did bribe with wine and lunch. I'm not stupid.

Planning is in full force for the big first birthday. I've got the perfect theme/color scheme and I can't wait to get more details in place. I don't know that I will share much on here until afterwards, but who knows I may. I have a lot of work to do which I will be starting in FULL FORCE after the move. I'm excited. I have decorations to find/make, invitations to design and beg Jennifer to make, pick out pictures and songs to do a slide show with (oh yess that's happening and it's going to be my favorite part of the day), a cake to design and find someone to do... fun times!

Does anyone want to come visit us? I'm getting the itch for some visitors. Anyone? Bueller?

I have my pictures painstakingly organized on my computer (saved in folders going from year to month and then saved by date.. yeahh). I've been worried for like two years that it would crash and I'd lose everything. Seriously, I don't know that I would ever, EVER get over that. I've never done anything about it though.. until yesterday. We bought CD's to transfer them all to. Trey wants to then delete them off the computer to add space.. I would rather not. Three years of pics. Is it going to really clear that much up?

We have a Hail and Farewell (dining in event to welcome newcomers and wish well to people leaving the battalion) to go to tomorrow night at The Edge of Texas (little restaurant on the Texas/New Mexico border that we've been wanting to go to anyways.. yes we're that close to New Mexico.. it's not a long drive at all). I'm trying to find a babysitter, but we may have to take him with us. Normally it wouldn't be such a big deal, but it's his bedtime. I don't foresee fun times. I am looking forward to going though. It will be my first one!

The child is beckoning from his cage crib. Free time is OVER.


C. E. Welch said...

Just so you know, I'm not just coming for the wine. :) I packed my house by room last time. Then labeled each box with that room name. Made it easy to figure out where a box went before unpacking, but then I switched a bunch of stuff around, so it was still a lot of work. I can bring some packing tape and a big fat sharpie. I love sharpies.

Edge of Texas is pretty good. Maybe a little overpriced, but good. When we lived in the Northeast, J would often run up to the NM border. It was about 7 miles, I think. So 14 there and back. He loved it.

JG said...

You haven't been to a Hail and Farewell yet? We've had 3! (I only made it to 2...and I missed the one that Hailed SoldierMan, which irritated me greatly)

As far as the pics, you def. want to back them up somehow, and obviously you've already got the CDs. But you might also consider getting an external hard drive, so that you can move them all off the main computer and still have them somewhere. Pictures do take a good amount of space, as does music. Just a suggestion. Plus, if there was a fire or something, you only have to grab one thing (the hard drive) and not constantly keeping track of multiple CDs. Just my idea. :)

Sue Brandon said...

Love the blog. I'll be happy to come over this weekend and help pack. Chris leaves on Saturday afternoon. I'll be knitting and exercising all week long!!
Do you want me to keep Andrew tomorrow night? You know he hates it at my house!

Tori and Chad said...

Pick me, pick me, pick me! I wanna be your visitor!

Mel said...

If you still need any help, I'd love to offer myself. I don't even need wine. :)

Oh, and I was on post today and I saw the area you said you were moving. Those houses look awesome!

Real love stories have no endings said...

Yes, I will do invitations and yes, I will make the cake and cupcakes if you want them too :)