November 26, 2010

Think... Thank.. Thunk

Random thoughts for the night:

I have not been as relaxed as I am right now IN A VERY LONG TIME. The lights are out and the room is lit dimly with Christmas lights. Trey is playing NCAA football on his PS3 and I am free to roam Internet land for as long as I want, sprawled out on the couch under a Christmas blanket. Andrew has been sleeping soundly for 2 hours now.

It's Trey's night to get up with Andrew.. if he wakes up. Sweet!

We put a different blanket on our bed and it's heavenly. (Mum and Ashleigh, it's the one that was on your bed when you stayed) It's so warm and comfy. It makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning. If there wasn't a promise of a laughing, talkative baby and yummy coffee, I probably wouldn't. I look at our bed longingly when I pass by during the day now.

I really would like to get an advent calendar this year.
I like Skype because it allows us to see family and them to see Andrew as he is growing, but at the same time, it really annoys me. I feel like there is always a quality issue. I had to hang up with my family on Thanksgiving because I was so aggravated. Everything was so muffled.

I don't know that I will even attempt to breastfeed with the next baby. People can throw their stones at me now, I don't care. I love the simplicity of formula.. I don't however love it's cost.

Trey and I have been so obsessed with watching Dexter. I love it so much that I want everyone I know to watch it.

I love football more than is normal I think. All of the rivalry games are on tomorrow and I am incredibly excited.

I really think my son (that's still sounds strange coming out of my mouth) is the cutest little boy I've ever laid my eyes on. I know all parents feel like that, but come on.. he's the most handsome thing ever. And his little laughter and squeals.. ahhhh... I love it. I can't wait to take him home for Christmas. I love to show him off. Trey and I did good work.

I feel beyond blessed that I get to stay home with that little bugger and don't have to put him in daycare. I know I am lucky and I thank God for that opportunity every day.

I am very unhappy with the way I look right now. I had this vision of myself getting right back into shape after I had Andrew. Honestly though, I have no place to complain about it because I'm not really doing anything about it other than the *maybe* two or three times a week I walk with him and the occasional set of crunches. I wish I had time to go to the gym, but I don't. I could technically enroll him in CYS and pay for hourly daycare on post, but I'm a little nervous to do that. Plus I haven't changed my eating habits. For instance, I enjoyed a nice big milkshake tonight.

Charla, if you're reading this, will you do a bra fitting for me? I keep forgetting to ask you, but it just crossed my mind. I got fitted at Soma a few weekends ago and didn't believe the sweet lady so bought whatever size I thought I needed. But now I don't feel like they fit right and think maybe she could have been right. I just don't see how it's possible. Please help!

Fun fact for you Ashleigh? I misspelled your name above by accident and spell checker knew how to correct it :)

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Ashleigh said...

hahaha, shame on you! at least spell checker knows who I am :) lol

That blanket is super comfy....loved it...

I love how you say "Trey and I did good work" lol. yes you did!

I have a feeling the word Son is going to feel weird for a while...the word pregnant still sounds funny to me!