October 26, 2010

Back to My Old Self

The past *almost* two months feel like an absolute blur to me. The first month I'm sure I was running off of pure adrenaline and nerves. This month I've been trying to get into a groove with this whole mommy thing and I feel like I've done a great job. Now I'm trying to incorporate being a wife in there and spending some time on myself.

I fail a lot of the times still in being the kind of wife I want to be, but I'm working at it! I want to take care of my husband, not because I think it's my duty (I'd never survive as a 1950s kind of wife) but because it makes me feel good to know that I'm helping him when he works so hard to provide for our family. He allows me to stay home with our son, plus I love the look of appreciation when I do something a little out of the way to make his life easier.
My first step is spending a little more time in the kitchen. A little less frozen meal to stick in the oven and a little more home cooked goodness. For instance, tonight we are having a pot roast (never mind the fact that it's from Costco and all I have to do is boil it for 20 minutes in its bag of juices.. hey.. it's REALLY good), but I AM making mashed potatoes that ARE NOT from a box. And not just plain ol' mashed potatoes. It's a new recipe I'm trying called "Fancy Mashed Potatoes". Mmmhmmmm..
I'll probably slack a little for the rest of the week, but Sunday I'm trying Apple Stuffed Chicken Breasts.. we'll see about that one! If it's any good I'll post the recipe.
I know he would LOVE it if I were to get up a little early and make him a smoothie for breakfast, but let's just take it one step at a time here. I'd love for him to get up earlier and make me a cup o joe. This should work both ways, right??

I'm trying to take better care of myself as well. I've done better with getting up and putting some effort into my appearance. You know.. like an actual outfit, possibly a little makeup, and maybe even brush my teeth? It does wonders for my mood! And yesterday, I took the big first step and started a new workout plan. I dread workout time every. single. day, but hopefully my body will start to thank me in a few weeks! I have a wedding to be in in March (my SIL is getting married and I'm the MOH... thank you for giving me another reason to HAVE to fly home) and I'd love to be able to rock that little dress! There's my motivation.

So there you have it, this will all be keeping me a busy little bee, not to mention playing, changing diapers, feeding, pumping, repeat. And here I am.. still finding the time to blog! Wish me luck :)


Mrs. Monkey said...

Good Luck!!!

Just Ask Beth said...

it all takes time.. don't be so hard on yourself, just put one foot in front of the other.. I am still trying to do all that..14 years later, minus the pumping of course!!

C. E. Welch said...

If you feel like you don't have time to work out, I will have my sister send me her workout info. You can find it online, but I think she has a copy of the ebook. It's called Fit Yummy Mummy or something like that. Her workouts take 15 minutes a day. Some days are cardio and some are more strength. She likes it because she can get up and get her workout done before the girls wake up.

As for cooking, do you have the red checked binder from better homes and gardens? It is AWESOME! If not, maybe I'll get you a copy for Christmas :)

Ashleigh said...

you are doing a great job, and you're an awesome mommy!!