October 29, 2010

~ 2 Months ~

I'm a day late Andrew, but you are now 2 months old!! I can't believe it (I'm pretty sure I'm going to be saying that every month for the next year and then every year for the rest of his life. Just so you know.)

Welp, he's slouching in two months and I guess I need to sit the dog the same each time to get the full effect, but at least he doesn't look petrified this time!

Andrew, you have changed so much this month! You are growing like a sprout right before my eyes and I love watching the new things you discover every day.
  • You are definitely more independent than you were last month. You'll lay on your own for a few minutes on your own here and there. You LOVE your play mat! I think it's so funny to see you looking at all the bright colors and smiling at the toys like they are your best friends and you are so glad to see them again. You also like your bouncy seat now, which is very convenient for me as I can get a few things done here and there now. All this said, these things really only buy me about 10 minutes tops and you are ready for me again. Yes, I love you too, but seriously?
  • You are such a little piglet.. you're eating about 5 ounces every 2 hours (except at night), but there are some changes coming I'm afraid. We are in the middle of switching you over to formula (no hateful comments please) and you are not too thrilled with it. You will get used to it though!! More on that for another post.
  • You sleep so well most of the time! You are ready to go down around 7:30 most nights and don't wake up to eat again until 3:00-3:30. One night this week I woke up at 4 and I still hadn't heard a peep from you. I panicked and made sure you were still alive. You were clearly and woke up at 4:30. That was a fluke!
  • You smile ALL the time! You seem to be such a happy baby and will smile anytime someone smiles in your face. It's the most precious thing and you look a lot like your Grampy Yetton when you do. My favorite time of the day is when I come and get you out of your crib in the morning and you smile like you are SO glad to see me! Me and daddy actually fight over that time :)
  • Your hair is filling in just a little bit where you were bald and it's still dark. Your daddy wants you to have blond hair like him, but I think you will be gorgeous with dark hair and blue eyes!
  • You've grown out of all of your newborn clothes and you're now in 0-3 month. We had you weighed last week and you were 10lb 13oz and 22 inches long. We have your 2 month well baby appointment on this coming up Monday though, so we'll see how much more you've grown!
You are the light of your dad and I's life! I NEVER imagined that we would feel the way we do no matter how many people told us we would. It's a love that can't even be described and I never knew what we were missing until we had you!


Ashleigh said...

wow, such a big different between 1 month and 2 months! This was a great idea Jess :)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Hes getting SO BIG!!!

My heart sings for you and this experience..