April 23, 2010


I'm patiently waiting for my husband to come home!

He's been in the field all week, but I swear it feels more like a month! They got back on post around noon and have been waiting to be released. Three hours later and I got nothing. Silly Army.

I'm so much looking forward to a quite night home together and a very low key weekend!

He cannot get his stankin behind home fast enough! Literally, he said the stench is pretty awful. I remember attempting to do his laundry after his week in the field during OCS. I just about passed out from that God awful smell. I didn't know such a smell was possible.

Now I can't wait to smell it again :) 


JG said...

Ugh, I hate that! Hope he gets released soon!

Erin said...

I hope he hurries up and gets home!

Katie said...

Frank was in the field at Ft. Bragg for the entire month of March. Yes, the field for a month. When I picked him up, we rode home with the windows down because I didn't think I would make it, otherwise. And yes, Frank is interested in teaching in Lawton. He was up there for Advanced Cannon Crewman's course in Jan./Feb. and really liked it. Well, the school and teachers, not Lawton.

Charity said...

Be careful it is liable to make you nauseous with the pregnancy hormones kicking in! I know you will be ready to have him back.

Tori and Chad said...

We've already had this discussion. STINKY!!!

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

i love the moment when they get back! have fun ;)

Gaile said...

Sometimes I like it when my man gets a little dirty (just SOMETIMES)....he is normally really OCD.

BTW, I left you an award on my blog www.anotherdeployment.blogspot.com

Kristie said...

Make him do his laundry at work... if possible!