April 16, 2010


I knew I've been a bad blogger when my mum texts me to say she needs another pregnancy blog. Sorry mum!

Truth is.. I've just had NO motivation. I knew I was in a slump last week, but I thought I'd gotten over that. Turns out it just got worse.

I'm really not quite sure what's been wrong with me to be honest. Probably hormones. I've just been so down in the dumps.. especially the past couple days. I can't express why. I have no reasons. It's not so severe that I'm walking around crying.. I just feel like a major debbie downer. It's just a feeling I have in my chest. Like I have no desire to even smile. It's really not like me at all. Especially now. I have every reason in the world to be floating on cloud 9.
I do have my moments. Like when I look at my belly or feel him moving around. That never fails to make me smile. Or when my husband comes home with a body pillow completely out of the blue because he knows I'm not sleeping very well.. at all. Or when he sends me a text like the one I just got that said he couldn't wait to hang out with me tonight.

Mainly, I think it's a mixure of not sleeping much because I can't get comfortable, HORMONES, and the loud screeching birds I have outside of our window that you can hear squacking obnoxiously in any spot in our apartment. I can't explain how horrible it is. It never stops. It starts at 6:30 in the morning usually (5:00 this morning) and doesn't stop until it's dark. I'm being very literal when I say I'm afraid they are going to drive me insane. The only solice I get is when I get in the shower (can't hear them with the water running) or I have to leave our apartment. It's non stop. I can't wait to move away from this place. Hopefully there won't be any horrible birds nesting on top of our house in El Paso.

Stay tuned for another post today.. all about baby and me with less focus on the negatives. Your welcome mum.


Erin said...

Definitely sounds like pregnancy hormones. And lack of sleep can make it even worse!

JG said...

Hey, it's raining here and I can STILL hear the birds!! I'm with you there. Maybe you should have your complex check for a nest?

The Neffs said...

Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon. Don't be hard on yourself though this is a time of change for you and your hubby, and body as well. Sending a hug your way! Have a great weekend!!

Ashleigh said...

I love you! Hope you get out of the slump soon...I went through one when I got off birth control, so I think it probably is hormones, but knowing the reason doesn't make it better faster, unfortunately!!

Gaile said...

I know what you mean about the birds...we have a problem with PIGEONS nesting on our roof, and are paying a pest control company to come out and put something called 'hotfoot' on the roof - makes it too hot for the birds to land on, so they will go away (I HOPE!)
I haven't been sleeping well either, and it seems like every time I go to take a nap I am awakened by those damned birds.