April 18, 2010

21 Weeks

Here you go mum!

How far along? 21 weeks exactly today!
Total weight gain: As of my last doctors appointment (which was the 1st) I've gained a total of 8 lbs. I know it's not much for 21 weeks, but Drew is growing just fine.. even seems to be a little bigger than what he "should" be, so I'm not complaining a bit! I'm pretty sure it'll catch up with me.
Maternity clothes? Looking back at 16 weeks the only thing I was wearing was belly bands over my jeans. Those still do the trick when needed but I'm in maternity pants for the most part now and I LOVE them. I wear some maternity tops, but a lot of my own tops still fit me too.

Stretch marks? Still not yet!
Sleep: Ugghhh.. this has changed a lot since my 16 week questionairre too. It's very hard to stay comfortable now. I naturally sleep on my stomache or back. My tummy is clearly out of the question now and when I lay on my back, it's hard to breath. My back hurts a good bit so I toss and turn a lot. Trey surprised me last week with a body pillow and I'm loving that! Plus the damn birds don't help...
Best moment this week: Last Friday ~ learning that "it's" a he! This week ~ just feeling him move around a lot more has been wonderful! I can't desribe the feeling, but it never fails to put a smile on my face.

Movement? Why yes! I can feel him kicking or punching and flipping around, but nothing felt on the outside yet. I can't wait for that!
Food cravings? Still no real cravings I don't think. I guess by cravings, I'm waiting for this huge, gotta have it now feeling and I never really feel those. Some foods I'm enjoying though? Mashed potatos and grilled chicken. Sonic slushes. Ehh... I'm actually really sick of eating. I'm hungry more and more but nothing really ever sounds good to me. I need some ideas of things to eat.. healthy things.
Showing? Quite a bit. I've had just a few strangers ask me how far along I am, which is pretty cool. Here you go.. I'll let the pic speak for itself.
16 Weeks
                                                                                                          21 weeks

21 Weeks

Gender Prediction: We're having a sweet baby boy!! I'm so meant to be a little boy's mama :) I guess you can't tell much from the heart beat. It's been very high all along...he's just very active! And he's a typical boy.. has stuck his tongue out at me at both ultra sounds ;)

There's that tongue! Sooo cute!
Labor Signs? None of that yet!
Mood Temperament: Ohhh man.. I'm still on that roller coaster, but now it's a little more bumpy. I have very high highs and very low lows. There's not much of an in between.
Milestones: Finding out that we have an Andrew and not an Ava.
Weekly Wisdom:
Dear Self:
Don't be so hard on yourself when you are having your "sad" moments. Stop trying to figure it out...it's hormones. You're most relaxing moments are in the bathtub or sitting out in the sun - both spots with a good book. Do that when you're feeling down and stop worrying about that. Time is going by very fast so enjoy every moment possible.


JG said...

Look at your baby!:) I'm weird but I love ultrasound pictures.

Have you thought of keeping sliced fruit in the house? I used to buy tons of fruit, wash and slice it all up and put it all in containers. Made for a fast, healthy snack. Same with veggies like carrots and broccoli. Just some suggestions!

Anonymous said...

You are just too freaking cute! You look great!

Jen said...

Love the ultrasound pics! That is too cute that he sticks his tongue out! You look awesome! :)

Aimee said...

You look great! Congrats on finding out you're having a boy! Very exciting! I was always trying to find healthy things to eat that I was actually hungry for when I was pregnant. I ate a lot of salads...and then fell in love with making my own smoothies. Just throw some Haagan Das sorbet in a blender with some fat free plain yogurt, frozen or fresh fruit to compliment the flavor of sorbet, a little milk or orange juice, and if it's not sweet enough, some agave nectar (same texture as honey, but doesn't have the honey flavor and isn't as bad as sugar). :) Take care!

Stephanie said...

Cute, cute belly!!

Gaile said...

Aww, how sweet! I love the belly pics :)
I agree with previous comment about keeping lots of fruit around (lately my big one has been grapes, partly because they don't require any prep woirk, just rinse and eat, and partly because I REALLY miss wine!)

The other pregnancy snack I am loving is a bagel-thin (its just a really thin bagel, I think from Thomas' - the english muffin people) of course with cream cheese - trying to eat more calcium. Sometimes I splurge and add some strawberry jam on top of the cream cheese, its like strawberry cheesecake! :)

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

I love the name Drew! Great pick! I'm taking your words of wisdom to heart. i'm always so hard on myself when I get sad. And I do that a lot!

Karren said...

Aww, I love the ultra sound pics!

carina said...


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