April 11, 2010

Gender Reveal Party

We had our gender reveal party yesterday, and it was so much fun!

Some of our closest friends got together dressed to let us know their guess..

We had lots of delicious food and pretty decorations

We finally cut the cake to surprise *almost* everybody. I kind of stayed true to form and blew it for the first couple. I was showing them the US pics and said, "I'm just not sure what's going on with him in this one. Are those his arms...ohhhhh nooooo". Yeah, throw up of the mouth, as per usual.

We grilled out in the perfect spring weather and ate the best burgers ever!

The boys *and dogs* played some football

It was truly a perfect day.. and a long one. And finally, here was the most exciting moment.. I caught the cake cutting on video.. hopefully blogger will cooperate with me and let me upload it.

Yup.. just what I thought. I'm going back to the original posting page. I'm sick of no spell checker anyways.

Thank you SO SO much for all of your comments yesterday! We are on cloud 9 :)


Christina said...

Such a cute idea for the reveal party!

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

I wish I had thought to do a gender reveal party. Yours looks like it was tons of fun!

A Marine's Wife! said...

I'm a sucker for a theme party!! Looks like you guys had fun :)

Also, when you made the cake...how much food coloring did you put in it? I tried once and it was WAY too moist and totally fell apart on me!

JG said...

This is such a great idea! I love it. :) What a great way to celebrate. Congratulations again!!

Bombtastic Belle said...

We want to do the same thing when we find out what we're having. We hve plans on them putting what it is in an envelope and gettting someone to bake a cake so we can find out as a suprise.

Jen said...

How exciting!!! We find out in 13 days - i can't wait! Super cute party!

Katie said...

I love the idea of gender reveal parties! I will have two awards for you on my blog tomorrow! Make sure to stop by and get them!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love that you guys had a party to reveal the sex of the baby! So cute!