February 5, 2010

Random Thoughts

I'm too tired to form a full blog post today, so I'll take you through a tour of my brain on a normal day and all the thoughts that run through it at any given moment...
Chocolate chip cookies - Very fun to make. Gives off a very yummy smell throughout your home. Very pleasing to eat. Too pleasing. Not very fun to have sitting around the house tempting me. All 5000 of them because I'm incapable of splitting a recipe. Never did quite master those fractions.

I'm almost at 11 weeks. Guess what has already reared it's ugly little head? I'm the not so proud owner of my first stretch mark. Yes, I'm using cocoa butter. Yes, my momma had them in all three pregnancies. Yes, I've come to terms with the fact that it's inevitable. Yes, when I first spotted it, I made Trey double check, then cried a little. Isn't it too early for those things??

We went to a social for Trey's unit Wednesday night. It was called the Red Leg Social. I'm still not sure why it's called that. I could google, but I'm thinking maybe one of you will already know and save me from googling something YET AGAIN FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME IN A DAY. I had a really good time there. The food left something to be desired (chick-fil-a afterwards to be exact) but it was great to sit with all the other spouses/significant others and chat. One girl has been sitting here with nothing to do this whole time and get this... lives in the same apartments as we do! Next week we have a cocktail party and I'm even more excited about that!
Dear John... tonight's the night! Going with said group of girls and I cannot wait! I bought our tickets yesterday bc I'm a little anal like that and was afraid it'd be sold out. Not everyone is going. It seems that the movie is a little controversial among the Army (Military) community. I do see why one would not want to watch it, but I can't help myself. I'm not saying I agree with what she does or that it won't be hard for me to watch. I fully expect to sob in an embarrassing sort of way. You know.. that cry that really shouldn't be done in public. I hope I still have friends afterwards. I'm just a sucker for a Nicholas Sparks movie!

Someone stumbled upon my blog from googling... ready for this... I can hardly contain myself... "redneck woman pee". LOL. I don't know what I'm more curious about - Mobile, Alabama - you have to tell me why you even googled that if you ever read this!! Or should I just be more concerned with why on earth that brought her to my blog??? Ohhh man... I've seen some good ones before, but that just takes the cake.

My SIL sounds like she is doing very well with little Addyson. She is such a good mommy and I really hope to be as calm and collected as she is when our time comes. She has this DVD which shows you the difference between your babies' cries and she says that has been such a great help. She's sending it to me as soon as she feels like she's gotten a good handle on it.. along with some maternity pants that her friend offered to give me.. YAAYYYY!

The whole maternity clothing thing has been on my mind a lot lately. I'm a little confused as to when I'm supposed to buy them and how much to buy. Don't you need different sizes throughout the whole pregnancy? I really can't wait until it gets warmer. I fully intend to live in dresses this summer! Finally for once in my life I'll be flaunting that belly instead of hiding it :)

Columbia, SC (my hometown) was "awarded"?? the title of the 13th drunkest city in America today. That really makes me laugh and shocks me not one bit.

Cayce (family dog) got her first BIG kill yesterday. Mum said she saw her in the drive way flinging a POSSUM around like it was one of her chew toys!! HA! Can you imagine this sweet thing doing that?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Ashleigh said...

I wish we could go see Dear John together...Matt obviously does not want to go....neither does Emily. Im gonna ask my mom- she likes Nicholas Sparks.

It's Nicholas Sparks, it has autism in it, and it was filmed in Charleston...hello??? I have to see it!!

I don't see why it would be controversial in the military community...at least not if the movie is the same as the book. He chooses protecting his country over coming home to his girlfriend...pretty noble to me!

MG said...

I'm not really into chick flicks or Nicholas Sparks, but I do want to see this and read the book! I had no idea that this a controversial film, everyone I know wants to go see it!

Steph said...

I read Dear John and it was good till about the middle. Then I was upset but I started reading it about a week after my husband deployed. Not sure if I'll go see the movie or not.

About the maternity clothes... if I ever get pregnant, I am wearing nothing but sun dresses and pajama pants. Those jeans are ridiculous.

Jen said...

I just started reading "Dear John" and I love it so far!

I saw you were curious about the term "red leg" I'm assuming your hubby is field artillery? Mine is as well, and I know that when they wear there dress uniforms they typically wear red socks (yes there are actually artillery red socks haha).

JG said...

You really should check these out: http://www.toplessundershirt.com/product-maternity.html Every one of my friends got at least one during pregnancy, and between these and rubber bands for your pants, they saved a TON in maternity clothes.

carina said...


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Tori and Chad said...

Please move to Virginia so we can make chocolate chip cookies and sneak them into girl movies in our purses!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm still deabting seeing Dear John! Let's us know what you think of it!

Chelle said...

Is your husband a Redlegger? The Redleg reference is to the soldiers back in the day that would use their legs to steady the cannons and doing so would cause their legs to bleed. Tis were the coin was termed. So I'm going to guess that the social is for Redleggers. That's my husband's mos.

Jessica said...

Jess- as far a maternity clothes are concerned, buy them as you go! Take it from me! The good news is you'll be pregnant during warmer weather. Warm weather = cuter maternity clothes!

As far as the stretch mark is concerned, welcome to pregnancy my friend! I have them too, so don't feel bad!

No Dear John for me! I can't get myself into it. Hope you enjoy it!

Sara said...

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and I'll weigh in on the clothes.

Oh my goodness, don't let anyone talk you out of maternity clothes. First, motherhood maternity has inexpensive clothes. Second the jeans are very comfortable and you will appreciate the ridiculous belly band. When I put a shirt on over it they look like normal jeans. They even make my butt look cute.

Buy them when you start to get uncomfortable. I started wearing them at about 15-16 weeks. My clothes still fit me in the hips and butt and legs, but no longer at all comfy in the waist. So far I have not had to go up in sizes. The way they're made, I see myself growing into them really well. I've got a lot of room to grow in them.

I know some of them seem absolutely ridiculous but try them on. Many of them look really cute on. I was not about to be a frumpy pregnant woman and was really surprised by them.

Shayla said...

mmmm cooookies....thanks, now I want some!!!!

okay I am useless when it comes to the red leg thingy..LOL

and I LOVE the redneck woman pee reference :D HAHA!!! I would've been calling all of my friends telling them about it!!!!

stretch marks must mean you are SHOWING :)!!! AHAHHHH so EXCITED for YOU!!!!! :D