November 3, 2012

Our Trip Home

We're back already from our trip home during block leave. We've been home since Thursday afternoon and have been getting back into the swing of things since then.

It was a good visit! We got into town Friday, late afternoon, and Andrew got right to work checking out all the "new to him" toys over Nana and Grandad's house. The weekend was packed with tons of family and friends! Two families that have always been real close with Trey's family were in town for the weekend. They watched the Tennessee game while my SIL and I went out for Pedicures. That was much needed!

Sunday was Trey's going away party. We knew it would be a short trip this time and wanted to give everyone the chance to see him before the deployment without going crazy trying to fit everyone in all week. Luckily, it was nice out and we were all able to spend a lot of time outside. The kids loved it!
It may torturous for Andrew to stop playing for a second, but I wanted a picture with my boy!

These are Trey's best friends going back all the way to 9th grade. It's so great to see them all together with kids and all!
And here's my family, minus my youngest brother... he had to work
Monday, the three of us, plus Nana, and Melissa, Reagan and Addyson (Trey's sister and nieces) all packed up and went to the zoo. That was a blast! Addy and Drew are exactly 7 months apart and they just LOVE each other! It's so sweet to see! I wish I could put pictures of them up together, but I have to respect their privacy.. I guess. Outings like the zoo are getting to be so much fun! We are loving seeing the world through Andrew's eyes! So glad Trey got to do this with him before he leaves. And thanks to Nana and Gdad we have a year pass to the zoo... lots of fun to come!!
The best of friends lately... it's been pretty awesome

Here you have Trey taking advantage of not needing to shave :)

I broke the rules since you can't see Addy's face, but they held hands like this almost the whole time. Mostly because she forces him to like a typical woman.

He could not get enough of this, which shocked us! He would of sat there all day if we had let him!
I have no pictures from Tuesday, but in the morning, my brother Charlie came and picked Andrew up. He works at an airbase in town and wanted to show Drew the jets. Let me tell you... we're still hearing all about that! He had a blast and I think Charlie has a fun day date anytime he wants one once we get back. Tuesday night we went to my parents house for dinner. Lots of fun playing outside in the leaves. They are so great with him and I couldn't be more grateful for that. You can just tell they want him around desperately and he should have no doubt where he stands in their world! He knew exactly where he was. When my mom pulled into the neighborhood with him, he said, "we're herreeeee". He remembered from three months ago. It was reaffirming for Trey. He feels really good in leaving us in their arms while he is gone :)

Wednesday morning, Trey's parents had a playground installed in their yard. I know, right? These kids are spoiled. They couldn't get out there fast enough. I thought Andrew looked like SUCH a big boy!!

And that night of course, was Halloween! Andrew was Geo from Team Umizoomi. That's his favorite all time show and he goes around pretending he is Geo half the time, so we made it happen. Well, really my friend Nancy made it happen, but still...
He did SO WELL Trick-or-Treating!! Talked like such a big boy. Said "trick-or-treat" to everyone, only picked one piece of candy and was sure to say his thank you's. We were pretty proud of his sweet mannerism, won't lie!

So all in all, it was great. Trey got lots of time with his family. His Grandfather even flew in for a few days, which was very important to Trey. He got to see everyone, really, and it all went so smoothly! (Minus our good friends, The McRoy's, who were all down with something and we appreciate them not sharing their germs ;) )

We are back now and still have a few days to enjoy together before Trey goes back to work. We're trying to take it easy, but starting to get stuff into storage as well. I worked hard organizing all the junk in the garage yesterday while Trey did a practice run with the stuff going in my van for the trip home. Tomorrow he plans to get the guest bedroom into the storage unit.

We have 27 days left together as a family and plan to make the most out of every second!


Jen said...

So glad you had a wonderful trip home! :)

Kim said...

Sounds like a great trip! So happy your family has this time together!

Sarah said...

Is that giraffe at the Cleveland zoo? I know you said you have family there and it looks JUST like our giraffe area. :) Just wondering!