September 3, 2012

The Big Boy Bed

Right before Trey left for NTC, we decided that when we all got back into town we were going to make the big move. Transition Andrew from his crib to a toddler bed.

He was showing no signs of being ready. No climbing out of the crib or anything like that.. so I was nervous to say the least and am still trying to calm the nerves. So why move him if he was content?
I want to use the crib for the new baby. I want nothing to do with buying a new one. I still could have waited a few months, but he was so many changes coming up later in the year. We move in November and he loses Daddy for 9-ish months. Two months later a new baby will be intruding into his every day life. I didn't want to take his crib away in the middle of all that. I wanted him to already be comfortable in his bed.

So we ripped the bandaid off. All in one sitting he watched us Trey disassemble his crib and set up the new bed. (I really did help with that part!). He was super excited and when it was all put together with the bed set he picked out (Cars, of course), he looked at me, gasped, and said, "Ohhhh Awesome".

Great, I think. We're off to a great start. We read some books, but when I tried to leave the room, he freaked. Needless to say... there was no nap. Attempt #1 - FAIL. That's where I doubted everything. How we handled it mostly. Maybe I should have put the bed together, but kept the crib in for an option. It was obviously traumatic for him. I was beating myself up a little to be honest.

Last night was better. He cried all the way upstairs, but settled down once we got up there. He went right to sleep! I couldn't believe it. However, when I checked on him at 9:30, he was still asleep.. but on the floor. Picked him up and he went right back to sleep. Started screaming at 11 and I couldn't get him to calm down. I had to bring him down to have a little cup of milk. After that, he went straight back down all the way until 5:45am, which is when he decided he was up for the day. Painfully early, but he did better than I thought he would!!

Nap went well today. He screamed going up again, but was fine once we got up there. I tried to lay in bed with him and read, but he told me to "close the door". Which is his nice way of saying get the hell outta here. Talked himself to sleep and slept for almost 2 hours. Score! (note to self: remember that he can get out of his bed now. I swung the door open and the doorknob knocked him in the face! I forgot that was a possibility!)

There weren't even any tears tonight!! I'm so excited. I feel like I may be jinxing myself, but this is going so much better than I expected. I'm so glad we bit the bullet and just went for it. I'm mentally preparing myself for any setbacks, but so far so good! He's constantly talking about his, "boy bed". I think he's pretty proud of himself. Another milestone down!


Kristy said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are looking up. Maybe the first few times were a little rough because he was sensing you were stressed about the whole situation, which made him stressed? All in all, I'm proud of you for ripping the band aid and joining the world of Big Boy Beds. :)

Jen said...

So glad things went better tonight, he looks so happy with his big boy bed. :)

Ashley Gaetano said...

So proud of you Andrew!! I think I might cry when Cam tells me to "close the door" Lol!

Mel said...

Oh, big boy bed! What a fun/scary transition. Sounds like he's handling it well, though!

Michelle A'etonu said...

good job Drew! we actually transitioned Sina's crib to the day bed on yesterday. It took an hour last night and tonight to get her to stay there. She straight up came into my room, pointed to my bed and said, "I want this one". so funny!

Steph said...

Oh boy! Did you cry?

We put Aubri in her crib in her own room twice. I hated it. She's back in our room, for now.