September 23, 2012

Pink or Blue???

We've been excited about our gender scan for a few weeks now. Now and then talking about the pros and cons of either. What it would be like to have a daughter.. or another son to complete our family. How would I feel being in a house full of boys.. forever? What would Andrew be like as a brother to a little sister.. or brother? Discussing... and finally agreeing on names.

For the past week I think my excitement level has turned up a few notches to OBSESSIVE! I'm almost 21 weeks at this point.. We should know already! We went from talking about it in passing to it being a daily conversation. Almost constant thoughts about it. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that at one point we even resorted to the whole wedding ring tied on a string to see if it went in circles or back and forth. (It went in circles, for what it's worth). I'm getting so antsy! We're dying.

Our big day is coming though, this week. Wednesday!! It can't get here fast enough. I'm giddy. This whole time I've had such strong feelings that it's a girl.. and now I just don't know. I know the socially acceptable thing to say would be that I don't care about the gender, as long as we have a healthy baby. And yes, I do pray fervently that our baby is healthy, but I'd also kinda like another boy.

I know how to do boys. (I'm typing this while hardly taking my eyes off the Patriots game for example). I LOVE being the mama to a little boy. Love it with everything I've got. I'd love to give Andrew a brother. I love how crazy my boy is. How much he wants to get into things constantly. His constant need to climb, throw, catch, and dig... I want more of that! I'm in love with our boy name.. it's really special (and adorable). I love seeing Trey be the Daddy to a boy. I adore when my son wants to snuggle and how much he loves his mama. You get the point, right?

I'm not saying I'll be crying a river if it's a girl. I know we'll love her with the same gusto. I'm sure there are things I don't know about being the mother to a little girl. And knowing that this is it for us, maybe I'd have a sense of loss down the road if I never do have a daughter. Or if I didn't ever have one, maybe that would just make me one awesome Mother-in-Law. Who knows. All I know is that the thought of a little girl scares me right now. I'm not sure I know how to do a little girl. I know if need be we'll figure it out, but a second boy just sounds a lot more my speed at the moment. I'm not your typical girly girl. I hate shopping. I won't go just to go. "No, dear.. I will not go shopping with you on Saturday, we're watching football". I'll have no idea how to do her hair. Boys are just better for me.You hear me, God???

We shall see... in 2 and 1/2 days!!! Stay tuned :)


Jen said...

So exciting!!! :)

Sarah and Derek said...

Can't wait to hear!

reccewife said...

Sounds exciting! I thought for sure I wanted a boy for my second after having one first. But I ended up with a girl who I obviously love just as much, but it's hard for that first while wondering! And about the hair - I just keep hers super short. ;)

JG said...

Ha, my mother never knew how to braid until we forced her to learn as older kids...then we gave up and taught ourselves :) Pretty sure I spent the first three years of my life with bows TAPED to my head. There are workarounds ;)

I won't even try to guess, I'm just going to try and forget that we still have to wait 2 more days!!

Steph said...

I'm not a girly girl either but I'm managing just fine with Aubri. She's the best dressed baby girl that I've ever seen. ;)

Best wishes tomorrow! Can't wait to hear!

Charla Welch said...

Maybe you'll get a girl who's a tom boy! then all she'll want is a pony tail or hair short enough to not bother with it.