June 26, 2012

My Parents Visit

My absense probably isn't even noted anymore around here since my new norm is getting out.. what?... a blog every two weeks? Don't blame me. It's the baby's fault ;)

My parents and youngest brother were out here for a visit last week. There is something very cruel about having triple the help while pregnant and caring for a toddler to zilch because your husband leaves, don't you agree??

Anyways, we had such a good time. We didn't do anything wild and crazy, in fact the majority of our time was spent right here in mi casa, but that's just how we roll. A few things that stand out and I'd like to remember:

Andrew is in LOVE with my brother. They played and laughed and rough-housed the week away. He actually cried when we drove home from the airport without him. We live 2.5 seconds away from the airport and knew which plane was theirs when it flew over (don't scoff and roll your eyes... my dad described the plane and told me when they were "zipping" down the runway). Andrew waved to the plane and said, "bye Steve", so naturally he now says the same thing to every plane that flies over his head. To him, Steve lives on flying airplanes :)
I mean, he liked everyone else too, but there is some serious Steve Obsession going on right now.
I think Mizzy secretly really enjoyed waking up with Andrew every morning before 6:30. She always reminded me that I could just keep my happy behind in the bed in the morning. When I would walk out Andrew would have already had his milk and breakfast and be freshly diapered. And Mizzy always had a little happy smirk on her face. See... Andrew's a little obsessed with me. If I'm around he won't be cuddling up to anyone else. No one else can give him his milk, take him to bed, read to him, change his diaper.. blah blah blah. WHY YESSSSS, it is exhausting for me, but my boy loves me, what can I say? But it's like out of sight, out of mind. So when I was tucked in bed behind my closed door in the morning, she got to cuddle him for that 4 seconds it took for him to drink his milk.
(It's very hard to grab a picture of my mom and any point, so I don't have one. My brother took a great one, but for some reason, it's taking them an eternity to post them up)

My dad had a great time just hanging out. He played lots of blocks and took advantage of the fact that Andrew really enjoys feeding people right now. Don't ask me.. he thinks it's a blast. So, naturally, he had Andrew feed him his favorite food all week:
He also enjoyed the local cuisine...
That sure was a fun night...
A few other things we did to pass the time:
We baked cookies to send to my other brother and his friends that are overseas. We all benefited from that (sorry Charlie, if you don't get as big of a batch as you expected) but Andrew clearly benefited the most.
Get it baby!
We drove up to Scenic Drive where you can look out and see the entire city, plus into Mexico. It's really breathtaking! From there we continued on to the outlet malls, where again, Andrew was the only one to benefit. That's not true actually... we had some of the best pizza I've ever had in my life there for lunch.

We played a game called Redneck Life. Have y'all ever heard of or played this? It's just like the board game Life, but obviously for rednecks. HIL-A-RIOUS. You can buy it here, I strongly suggest it. You may end up as someone named Betty Lou with a 5th grade education, working as a Mullet Hair Stylist, married to Billy Joe and have 6 kids named Cooter. But, hey, that's just Redneck Life.
During the game I wrote down a few hilarious situations that we went through, but I threw it away and now I don't remember. You'll just have to trust me on this one. We had to walk away from it one night because we were all in hysterics.

We watched lots of Carolina Baseball games. Obviously them being here was a good luck charm. As soon as they left, it went all down hill.

My mom did just about all of the cooking for me, God bless her, I can't stand the thought of cooking food right now. My poor family. When we weren't cooking we were eating out at local restaurants (Taco Cabana, Charlie's Subs, Cattlemen's Steakhouse... where we waiting 2.5 hours to eat a steak. It was Father's Day and worth it. Carlos and Mickey's. I think that's it!)
Speaking of Father's Day - I got to spend it with my dad AND my husband this year! How awesome is that???

It was just a great all around visit and if I weren't going back soon for an extended period of time, I'd be really upset that they are gone. But, I guess they had to go back to their own life or something... I personally think moving down and being my live-in help wouldn't be such a bad gig!


Kristy said...

So glad that you had a lovely visit and that Andrew got to play with his uncle!!! :)

Charla Welch said...

I have an Uncle Steve. He's my favorite Uncle, too. :)

Jen said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit with your family! :)

ann_yetton said...

We had the best time! Love ya'll!

Steph said...

Yay for awesome uncles! My brother is an awesome uncle too.

Mel said...

Sounds like a great visit! And perfect for you while you're enjoying (hrumph) pregnancy and everything else.

Miss you!