June 11, 2012

And He's Off

For a few years now (3), my brother has been driving me absolutely, bat sh!t, crazy.

He joined the AFNG 3 years ago and ever since then, has been itching to get on a plane overseas. I don't think I'll ever fully grasp the idea of a service member REALLY WANTING to deploy. Yes, they join of their own free will, knowing that they will most likely go at some point and they are okay with that. But jumping at the bit to go into a war zone? I don't get it. I know lots of military members out there exists that think this way... I would just never be one of them is all I'm saying. I'm in awe of them. I think they are truly remarkable people and it makes me teary just thinking about it.

So, for 3 years, I've been listening to his eager hopes every time a flight was going out. (if I don't use proper AF terms, forgive me. You know what I'm trying to say!)

"There's a flight going out, I'm gonna try to get on"

"I think they may let me go out on this one". "No they aren't". "Yes, I'm going.. I'm pretty sure". "Nope.. can't go."

"Hey, I really think I'm going this time. So and so has to come back and I think they're gonna let me take his place".
"Nope.. have to stay".

Years of this I tell ya. So many conversations that when he came to me last time letting me know that THIS WAS IT. This was his time. I was all, "yeah. okay. Whatevs."

I didn't think anything of it at all to tell you the truth. I put it out of my mind and waited around for his call letting me know it wasn't going to happen. Except when he called me back, he was letting me know that later that week he was getting his shots. You know the shots I speak of.
It shocked me. I was in the car with a friend, gallivanting around town, and just lost it a little bit. My little brother was going overseas. FOR REALS this time.

Then it all happened so fast. He got his shots. Was issued his deployment gear. Had his last day at his normal job. Had his last 50 beers (I kid.. 75). Packed up his stuff and my parents went to send him off. And now he's there.

I'm anxious to hear from him. Without going into too much detail, I feel pretty good about his general safety. But one can never feel TOO good when your loved one is in a war zone. I want to make sure he's not too tired. That he's eating well. That he's safe. I know he can handle all of this and I know he wanted it so very badly... but he can come home now :) He's been over there a few days.. enough to get it out of his system, right?

Either way, I'm one proud sister!

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Just Ask Beth said...

so handsome too! Prayers lil Charlie!!