May 11, 2012

Good News and Bad

What a week I've had! Let's play Good News, Bad News.

Good news - I lost weight this week.
Bad news - It was only .4 ounces. WTH.

Bad News - Andrew has been driving me UP THE WALL the past few days and he is lucky I did his 20-month update when I did. It wouldn't have been so sweet and gushy had a waited another day. He's been full on defiant, cranky, whiny (I cannot stand the whining), not taking his naps, and he woke up 4 times during the night last night.
Good News - He's out cold right now. I may or may not have drugged him. He better be down for at least 2.5 hours. I'll take 3.

Good News - My parents are coming out next month. They haven't bought their tickets yet (GO BUY TICKETS!!!) but they've talked about it too many times to turn back now. I'm really excited. Now that I've blogged about it to the world, you can't really not come. Sorry Mum. Get your skinny but out here!
No bad news there!!

Bad News - My car failed me today. SO HELP ME GOD IF WE BOUGHT A LEMON. The check engine light came on once but then went away the next day. All is good, thought I. Not so much said the car. I was on my way out to bring Andrew to his follow-up appointment from his ear infections. Light came on and the car started trying to throw us out of it as I drove it down the street.
Obviously no good news there.

Good News - Trey and I have a new niece! His sister just had her second daughter yesterday. Her name is Reagan Ainsley (nice name, right Kara?!?) and was 6lbs 13oz. AND she's precious. Beautiful just like her sister and her mama!
Bad News - Said SIL is a bit of a freak about putting pictures of her kids up so I can't show you how adorbs she is. I'm kidding about the freak part. I understand.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekends and Happy Mother's Day... especially to the best Mama ever - MINE :)

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Steph said...

Yay for visitors! How exciting!

Car? You mean your mom van? Bahaha. I wonder how long until I'm eating my words on that one. :)

Your nieces name is super cute!