May 16, 2012

Brain Dump

Again. That seems to be what I'm capable off lately!

First off, "hey, new followers!" I've noticed a few more of you pop up since the blog hop. If you haven't already, be sure to introduce yourself. I love to discover new, fun blogs to read! And thanks for sticking around. I hope I can keep you entertained.. but.. ughh.. no promises!

Speaking of new followers... I've tried to go through my reader and delete blogs that are kind of taking up space. You know.. the ones that I've just skimmed over for a year now and haven't found very interesting. We all have them. I know mine couldn't possibly be one just taking up space in your reader, right? RIGHT? Anywho.. I've tried to delete certain ones (calm down, mostly recipe and super mom blogs that I had the best intentions with, but never really did anything with them) and they KEEP. COMING. BACK. Whaaat am I supposed to do? Keep on skimming I guess!

Speaking of recipes... I've tried some really REALLY good ones lately. And good news? They have all been WW recipes. I feel selfish keeping them all to myself, so I may start posting some recipes periodically again. Those posts never seem to be too popular, but I just couldn't live with myself if I didn't pass these on. It's a big responsibility, but I'm up for it.

Speaking of WW... I've lost a little over 5 pounds now. Boooyahhhh! Do y'all know what 5 pounds of fat looks like? No? I'll show you!

Gross right? I almost threw up a little looking at that. But that's what I've lost so far. I'm motivated. I've found a website that is really helping me in regards to dinner - LaaLoosh. It's wonderful. A website full of WW friendly recipes and organized into categories. You should probably go check it out.

Speaking of being motivated... I've also started running. <--------- I use that term loosely. Very loosely. I've started Couch to 5K. AND I've actually got a 5K race that I'm signing up for. It's called Run For a Margarita. They give you a margarita at the end. How's that for something to push you through?

Speaking of pushing through (this speaking of is a reach and I may have to stop that now) - I've started reading 50 Shades. I wasn't going to. It usually takes me longer to jump on book bandwagons, but EVERYB-O-D-Y has been talking about these. And once I started I sure as hell wasn't going to admit I was reading them. But here we are. Shewww... those are not for the faint of heart. I'm blushing just typing about them. I haven't decided if I'll read the other two books, I mean, I'm not enthralled with it yet. But everyone says I'll have to read the other two. So we shall see.

I may be pretty domestic on the ol' blog for the rest of the week. I have an update on my quest to go au natural in the cleaning department to type up. Here's a little hint - all of my store bought cleaners are in a bag ready to be donated. Also, I'd like to share one of our favorite new recipes - a healthier twist on a classic Chinese favorite that is better tasting than the real stuff!


Steph said...

I need to clean up my reader too. And get my butt to the gym. I have 20 pounds of baby weight to lose. Luckily, I don't have time to eat.

Anonymous said...

I had a little bit of a hard time first getting into the 50 shades trilogy, but let me tell you, halfway through the first book I could NOT PUT THEM DOWN. If you read the first one, you really do need to continue with the other two.

Megan said...

I'm so glad so many people are confessing that are reading 50 Shades, it makes me less ashamed of my reading choices! It's complete trash, but it will suck you in!

KLC said...

if you are "following" the blog directly on the individual's blog page it will keep popping back up in your google reader until you directly unfollow from the site! I found this out the hard way awhile back haha

____j said...

New follower, here! Found you through the Milspouse fb page. I'm currently on book 3 of Fifty Shades series. It's decent. I don't by any means think it's well written, but it's an easy read.

Jen said...

Great job on the weight loss!!!! :) It is such a good feeling.

JG said...

I'm super jealous of your weight loss. I've been such a slacker this month! Go you!