May 30, 2011

Weight Watchers Mondays

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I know most of you are off spending some QT with families and friends, feel free to link up any day this week! I hope in the midst of all of the fun times, hamburgers, hot dogs, lakes and pools, that you've taken a moment or five to remember and pray for all of our fallen soldiers and humbly thank them for their ultimate sacrifice. I know we have.

This week our focus is going to be on breakfast ideas, but first, I want to share my.. errrmmm.. progress with you all. I was excited to jump on that scale, but also a little unsure. It was very anticlimactic. I lost .2 pounds this week. Not 2 pounds.. just wanted to make sure you saw that point before the two. Yeahhh. I think I snacked a little too much this week. I used a lot of my extra weekly points, but didn't go over which I guess is why there was a teeny tiny bit of loss. I went out to dinner with some girlfriends one night too. To Olive Garden. I thought I was choosing wisely by ordering off of the appetizer menu (got the Grilled Chicken Flatbread), but not so much. My meal was 29 points. And that's only because I didn't finish the whole thing. Would have been worse. I'm still not very comfortable with eating out.. clearly.
I did get 3 good walks in over the week, but I need to do better.

It was disappointing, but also motivating. I got a little slack with the extra points. Yes, I know they are there.. but that doesn't mean I need to use them quite as much. I used at least 1 or 2 every day. I need to drink more water (gosh that is so hard for me) and get at least a walk in every day. I've been thinking more and more about starting Couch to 5K in again as well. We'll see about that! And even less snacking. Hopefully I'll have a more exciting update next week!!

Breakfast ideas...
I'll admit something - I do a lot of frozen breakfasts. I have a baby that.. at the moment.. is not very happy when 100% of my attention is not focused on him. Yes, it's every bit as fun as it sounds. Some morning I could get away with making a nice breakfast, but most I can't. Yes, he's the boss around here. He's running things. Soo.. it's much much easier for me to throw something in the microwave. More expensive? Yes. Less time consumed? Yes. Very tasty? Yes.
I never use more than 6 points on breakfast. If I can get it in in 5.. even better. Jimmy Dean Delights are spectacular. Turkey sausage breakfast bowls.. yum. Canadian bacon sammies on a honey wheat english muffins.. delish. Both of those are 6 points. The bowls even have a few potatoes in them. Bonus. Smart Ones has a few tasty things that I've tried as well. Breakfast quesidillas (5 points and I LOVE them) and they have a breakfast skillet that is just alright. I don't know if I'll try that again.
When I do have time to make my own I either have a fried egg (just use Pam.. zero points) or scrambled with one whole egg and one egg white. Always, always add in a splash of hot sauce. Canadian bacon and a slice of white bread. I really love oatmeal and would love to find a way to fit that in to mix it up a bit, but I haven't found a way to make it without blowing points.

Anyway.. eggs everyday? I could use some other suggestions! How did you all do this week? Link up and let me know :)


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

My sister and I were just talking about breakfast ideas yesterday. I sometimes fry and egg and put it on an english muffin. 5 points. Or the kashi go lean cereal with soy milk. Or oatmeal.

And you'll find your groove. I've only had one week of ever losing pretty low like .4 or so. I rarely ever dip more than 1/4 to 1/2 into my flex points. And since starting the shred and getting 28 weekly activity points, I've eaten those, but no flex. I only lost 1lb this week, but it's been a holiday weekend :) (I weighed in this morning)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I hate spelling mistakes...*fry AN egg. Sigh. ;) you get it.

Kristina said...

Oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries. Filling and healthy.

Mallory said...

If you go to my tools of the trade post I talk about how I found a few things to help me drink more water. Now I drink at least 64 oz a day and it is much easier than it used to be. I only drank coke before so it was a huge change for me. I hate plain water but I've found things to add that make it more tolerable for me.

Here is the address for that post:

Anonymous said...

Oh breakfast is such a burden for me! Lately I've been doing the oatmeal cereal with a 1/2 c milk and some berries. It keeps me full for a pretty good time.

Oh, and if you do eggs: I do three egg whites for a point! I'll link to that rcipe.