December 16, 2009

The day before the day before we leave

In case any of you haven't notice ~ I'm just a little excited to go and visit with family and friends! I started getting ready for our trip today and got more done that I planned to. Did bookoos of laundry which was a pain in my arse. Apparently, Wednesday mid-mornings are a very popular time to use the apartment's laundromat! Finally got that done with a little cleaning of the bathroom in between. -this whole house WILL be spotless before we leave, down to fresh, clean sheets. Very important to my sanity to come home to a clean house.- I made my packing list and even got a majority of the packing done (clothing wise at least). I didn't plan to do that until tomorrow.
Trey's CO's are holding fast to the plan that we can't sign out until midnight Friday night. Seriously? You're really going to dismiss him around 2 and then we just have to sit around and look at each other for 10 more hours??? That's precious driving time. I'm still holding out hope that they get a touch of the Christmas spirit and let us leave early. Just in case though, we are staying up as late as our eyes will let us Thursday night and I will sleep as far into the day as possible on Friday. Trey will still have to get up at 5 for PT, but that's good for him. That way he'll come home and if we can't leave, he'll sleep until later in the night. Maybe I'll make some coffee around 9:30 - yes, pm - and maybe we can eat at IHOP before signing out.
Grrrrr while reading over my shoulder, hubs informed me that we absolutely are not leaving before midnight, so operation stay up as late as possible and sleep all day Friday is on. I might as well make the best of the situation - it'll be fun trying to stay up tomorrow night. Pizza and movies it is. Wish. us. luck.

edited to add: my bad! I forgot a little piece of vital information regarding our trip. Hubs leave doesn't actually start until Saturday, hense the reason we can't leave until 12:01. Teehee..
Army 1, Jessica 0

Sorry to bore you with all that, but don't you feel better knowing my sleep schedule for the rest of the week? I may post one more time before we leave, but after that, I'll be on a holiday hiatus we'll call it. I'll be back after the new year with lots more talk and pictures of our trip home. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones!! And if you have a spouse that is deployed during the holidays this year, I hope you are spending it with many friends and other family. Thank you so much for your sacrifices!!

Ohhhh yeah!!! How 'bout that SYTYCD finale??? I am more than in love with Russell. My feelings would not be hurt at all if either him or Katherine win! He has come so far, excels at every single style he attempts, and I just love his personality and heart out there. The only way I will be extremely ticked off is if Ryan or Ashleigh win. Ash isn't that bad, but I really don't see how or why Ryan is still on the show. And the whole "we're so much in love that we cry when we're together and can't stop hugging and kissing in front of the camera thing"? PLEASE don't tell me anyone is dumb enough to fall for that. THEY KNOW IT WILL GET THEM VOTES!!
End Rant. Seriously, each and every one of those dances warmed my heart to no end. My favorites were: Kathryn and Jakob's contemporary ( I admittedly shed a tear or two on that one.. beautiful.. but can't find it on YouTube), Kathryn and Ryan's Samba (she made it.. not him), Russell and Eleanore's Paso Doble, and Russell and Kathryn's hip hop. Now you know I have to show as many videos as possible because I want so badly for you all to be just as enamored as I am :) Aren't you all glad I learned how to post videos??

That hot little Samba I told you about:

Russell and Ashleigh's Lyrical Jazz. He is so so great in this one:

So many other great ones, but those are all I could find... for now.. muaahhahahaha


Expat Girl said...

Ahhh good luck with Operation Staying Awake! I agree make it into an adventure : ) Have fun with your husband and family, I cant wait for updates!

MG said...

Hmm, that is an odd leave policy. Most CO's don't want people leaving that late in the evening as driving so late poses safety risks. Glad that there are two of you least you can take turns catching up on sleep!

MG said...

Ok, so I asked my husband about your leave situation (since I curious about the whole saftey issue.)

According to him, it sounds like your offical block leave date doesn't start until Saturday. Thus the reason why you are not allowed to sign out until midnight on Friday night. They can't let you go any earlier because the instructors are doing a little CYA action.

He also figures that they don't want people leaving right after they are let out of class, since they will have already been up early for PT and in class all day and want them to be able to rest a bit before they leave.

It may not always a reason that you agree with or want to hear, but usually there is some reason as to why the Army does things!

Tori and Chad said...

I love that you are as absolutely crazy as me. Drive safe sweetie and have a Merry Christmas!!!

Steph said...

The Army is awesome like that! When my man got out, he had to be out of the barracks on a monday I think and then couldn't sign out until Wed at midnight. And do you think they paid for the hotel? Negative.

Hope you have a great trip. Be safe and have lots of fun!

Charlotte said...

ummm so your blog is super cute....i hope you are doing well! geller said yall were going to dinner on monday..welcome back to the south!!

Anonymous said...

I gave you an award on my blog! Congrats! Merry Christmas!!

Kimberly said...

Hope you are Trey are enjoying your time in SC. Glad you like my house pictures! And I will forgive you for my lack of Christmas card...for this year anyways. Gramma was very worried that I wasn't going to send one to you. She wanted to call me and tell me to send one, even though it was already sent. I don't know if she cares about you sending one to me. Oh Gramma...she's a funny one. Miss you and hope you have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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