December 6, 2009

Another Weekend Gone

Time seems to be flying by faster than usual lately. I hardly remember going through November and now we are weeks away from Christmas! * 13 DAYS AWAY FROM BEING IN SC AGAIN * I'm just a tad excited!!!! To say the least...
It seems like it is snowing in every part of the country except where we are. Is everyone enjoying it? I hope to get some here soon! I have some vegetable soup going in the crock pot right now, so it would be perfect timing!

We had a quiet, but great weekend. The two of us went out for dinner to Buffalo Wild Wings Friday night. It was nice.. our idea of a perfect date. Big screen TVs everywhere talking about sports, a few Blue Moon for him and Sunset Wheat for me beers, nachos, boneless wings, and a ton of laughing. We got up early Saturday morning and hit the gym. I am gaining weight and don't know why. (other than the nights of beer, nachos and wings, you say... hey.. no one asked you!). Got home and had coffee and eggs and multiple hours before the SEC championship game, I was about to wring my husbands neck. He could not handle his excitement and drove me crazy well into the afternoon until the game actually started. All was well in the end though, as Alabama beat Florida and is now the #1 team in the country.. yup.. it feels good. And will feel even better if we beat Texas for the National Championship!!

Today was/is a really good day as well. We got up this morning and went to a new church. I had a feeling about this one from the parking lot. It just felt right. I was right... we ended up LOVING it. Everyone there was so GENUINELY nice, we were invited to come to their young adult bible study (which is what I've been looking for), the sermon was great (The pastor was able to keep my attention the entire time.. which is a HUGE accomplishment in any setting). It was the perfect mix of what we both wanted. The Methodist traditions.. you know.. repeat after me stuff and hymns for him mixed with a huge sanctuary full of people and some contemporary music for me. We're going to try the bible study next week and that will either make or break the deal. It's really important to me to get into something like that. We met friends for lunch at a supposedly great Mexican restaurant afterwards, which didn't turn out to be all that great at all. Their "cheese dip" was more like chicken broth. No thank you. After that the boys went to OKC to some shooting range and the girls went to the Christmas craft fair on post. I found nothing to spend money on (you're welcome, Trey), made a quick, very necessary Starbucks trip, then came home to make soup, wrap presents, and thoroughly enjoy some alone time before the boys come back.

I know I haven't mentioned this since my first announcement, but my SIL is about a month and 1/2 away from her due date! She is doing very well and looking even better. She is gorgeous and I cannot wait to get my hands on her belly in about 2 weeks!!!


Tori and Chad said...

We finally went and saw The Blind Side the other night - I thought of you when they mentioned the Gamecocks! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your sister in law is too cute!! I hope you enjoy your upcoming time with your family. Have a good day!

Jessica said...

I hope time continues to fly for you, I know how much you can't wait to be back in SC. However, I want time to slow down for me hahah.

Anyhow, I'm glad you had a good weekend! :)